Ep. 229: Veronica Grant – The Inner Work To Find Love

Most people long for love. Some are successful in the search, and others feel that true love is just not in the cards for them. The truth is that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else and be loved in a fulfilling way. If that sounds too abstract to comprehend, then join us for today’s show–and learn what you can do to bring more love into your life. 

Veronica Grant is a love coach for successful women who feel like they have it all except love, and she helps them find it. Through her binge-worthy podcast, free workshops, and coaching, Veronica is committed to shaking up how you find love, even in our “swipe right, swipe left” world. Some of her guilty pleasures (a must-have for recovering perfectionists!) include binge-watching HGTV, hiking with her husband and pup, and sushi everything. Join us to meet Veronica and clear what's blocking you in love!

Making a pivot

Have you felt the nudge to make a big change in your life? Veronica looks back to her time as a paid staffer on the Obama campaign in 2012. Her work consumed every moment of her life and turned her into a monster. She realized later, as she worked herself to misery in a job in DC, that she could not allow herself to stay in that world any longer. Looking back, she sees that these experiences led to the turning point that spurred her to other things, like starting her own business. Too many people let guilt convince them to stay in a miserable situation much longer than they should, and they use every excuse to justify their misery. Veronica realizes the big pivot she made was necessary to regain her sanity and wellbeing. 

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Why a Love Coach?

Does someone really need a love coach? While Veronica’s work IS about dating and finding that special someone, it really isn’t. Her work is all about the personal development and self-love of her client. She is more concerned about how someone treats themselves when they are frustrated, rejected, sad, and lonely. Those feelings are part of life’s path, but they shouldn’t factor into how you perceive your lovability and what you deserve in life. While she can’t prevent the inevitable heartbreaks for her clients, she doesn’t want that experience to change the story they tell themselves about their self-worth. 

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Your inner child and your self-worth

What was your inner child taught about love? Self-worth is tied to what we have been conditioned to believe about how and why we are loved. Most girls are conditioned with clear messaging that they will be more successful in love if they are skinny and attractive. We all want love, safety, and belonging, so we listen to the messages from the adults in our lives, especially those that tie body image to love and happiness. The little girl in you has to be reparented in the subconscious to heal that wound. Old beliefs have to be reprogrammed, and we have to be gentle around our thoughts to create a more positive headspace. Practice will create habit change. 

TWEET: We have to be gentle around our thoughts to create a more positive headspace. @veronicaegrant #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take–”No technique or tool will help you see change if you still beat yourself up. Be kind and compassionate to yourself.”


  • [:50] Young Veronica’s dreams
  • [3:25] From astronaut dreams to life coach
  • [8:10] Enough is enough
  • [13:00] Life coach to love coach
  • [18:05] What is a love coach?
  • [23:00] How we build self-worth and self-love
  • [29:58] Healing your inner child
  • [32:42] Where to start with healing
  • [39:25] ONE action for a dream chaser


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When you’re more vulnerable, you’re more yourself and more able to connect with the right people. @veronicaegrant #chasingdreams

I realized that my relationship to body image was closely related to my dating and relationship history. @veronicaegrant #chasingdreams

Healing my relationship with food healed my relationship with love, dating, and intimacy. @veronicaegrant #chasingdreams

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