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Film Friday
The Letters

Ep. 208: Barbara Butler – Go Outside and Play!

Today’s show is about an unlikely dream and a highly unconventional journey into a man’s world by a strong and creative woman. Her creations spark imagination and motivate children of all ages to turn off the TV, put down the video games, and go outside and play!...

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Ep. 206: William Hung​ – Champion By Choice

There may be no one in recent years who has endured more public criticism than today’s guest. He’s taken it in stride to springboard into several career endeavors, maintaining his optimism and happy energy while doing so! After his American Idol audition, William...

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Ep. 202: Kingsley – Leadership That Works

Leadership--it holds such power. It can be used from one extreme to the other in lifting someone to the highest level or tearing them down to the lowest low. We hear a lot about leadership, but we don’t hear much about the role that emotions play in leadership. We are...

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Ep. 200: Aimee J. – A Look Back at the Road to 200

It’s here! Episode 200! There are no words for the excitement I feel in reaching this milestone. Thank you for whatever part you’ve played in helping us get here, whether you’re a past guest, a faithful supporter, or a brand-new listener. I’m glad you’re on this...

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