Mental Health

While you may feel alone and lost in your own head, I want to assure you that your are not alone and that there is hope. There are places and resources that can help. Taking care of our mental health is not always a priority and as a result, after some time we find ourselves not at our best and struggling through each day. 

And it doesn’t even have to make sense. At least that was the case for me. I recently suffered from anxiety and it was only through the help of a psychiatrist that I worked through it. 

There are organizations dedicated to helping people take care of their mental health.  Mental Health America (MHA) is one of those resources. 

MHA is a non-profit organization that helps provide tools and resources including free mental health screenings. MHA also believes that one’s mental health should be addressed before it becomes critical or what is known Stage 4.

It is for these reasons and my personal choice of non-profits that I support MHA.

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