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Life is short. Take chances, make moves, and live a life without regret!

Dream-Chaser-in-Chief and Hype (wo)man extraordinaire, Aimee J., Esq. is a nationally recognized inspirational speaker and host of the top-rated Chasing Dreams Podcast. By day, Aimee J. uses her legal background and high-level logistical skills to create value for multi-million dollar organizations like CareFirst and Comcast.

A former NASA engineer, Aimee knows what it’s like to follow a pre-set conventional education and career path, only to wake up one day realizing you’re not sure whether the life choices you’ve made came from you or whether they were the “right” thing according to your family or culture. Her own dissatisfaction with work was the catalyst for her awakening to the importance of making empowered choices. Her decision to leave her secure government job at NASA and enroll in law school put her on the path to taking control of her life.

Through the ups and downs of her professional journey, podcasting became her primary way to create more joy and possibility in her life, despite the day to day grind. With tens of thousands of downloads and over 200 hours of interviews with compelling entrepreneurs, educators (including notable university president Dr. Freeman Hrabowski), Hollywood entertainers, and influencers like New York Times best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi, Aimee’s podcast encourages listeners to take the leap and make their dreams a reality.

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