Which Email Address Should You Use?

When you open up your address book to add a new contact, do you notice that there are several different types of phone numbers? Home phone, cell phone, work phone, emergency phone, etc.  Even though address books usually only have an entry for just “E-mail,” it  doesn't mean that you should have only one email address. In fact, I recommend that you have at least 2 different email addresses.

It's pretty easy to get an email address nowadays. Free email addresses are available from different providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail among others. But why do you need at least two email addresses?

You should have an email address that is your own, personal email address; to make it easier to talk about let's call this one personal_email. This would be an email that you share with your friends and family. The second address is one that you use while you are online, online_email. This is an email address that is used when joining mailing lists, shopping online, joining groups, etc.

There's a separation in the way you use the two email addresses. The reason for this is to cut down on the chance of receiving spam. When you join a mailing list, some stores sell your information, including your email to third party groups. You may find yourself suddenly receiving more emails than you expect. Would you rather sift through those emails in your personal_email or your online_email?

Since I'm writing about creating different email addresses, let me also make another point.

Please don't use an email address like princess546@email.com or gamer4life@email.com when you apply to a college or job. Just don't. When applying to something that important, use a “professional” looking email address. And if you don't have one…., well make one. 🙂

You ought to know:  You should have at least 2 different email addresses, a personal email and an online email.

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