Holiday Shopping – Thanksgiving Weekend

I am a big fan of Thanksgiving. Families coming together to spend time with each other, remember why they're thankful, football and great food (hopefully). Of course Thanksgiving is important for another reason. It marks the beginning of the Winter holidays and holiday shopping. 🙂

Thanksgiving weekend in particular is a big shopping weekend. The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Arguably, it is the biggest shopping day of the year for retail shoppers.  It has been suggested that this day is called “Black Friday” because retailers make a profit on this day and in the accounting books it would positive and written in black.  In accounting, when there is a loss, it is noted in red. That's just one theory though.

Stores open their doors outside of there normal operating schedule. In the past, stores would open at 5 or 6am in the morning. Of late, stores have been pushing that back to midnight of Friday or as early as 8pm on Thanksgiving.
Personally, I'm not sure that's even right to call it Black Friday at that point or fair to the workers who have to give up their holiday to work, but that's just me.

The reason shoppers get excited for this day is because of the savings and discounts they can find.  Some of these deals are only available in retail stores. Others are available at the store and online.

My suggestion: Plan accordingly. If you're looking to buy that $1000 television that's been marked down to $749 check to see if it's a) available online and b) available cheaper somewhere else. It's possible.

The other thing to know is that with ability for people to shop online, another big shopping day has emerged. Cyber Monday.  It falls on the Monday following Thanksgiving and is very similar to Black Friday. The key is that the sales and deals take place online.

My suggestion: Don't shop online while at work. Seriously, not a good idea. Employers are cracking down on non-work activities and Cyber Monday is like a trap.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday or both. Either way, plan accordingly and most importantly….Shop within your means. Please don't go broke this holiday because you were shopping.

I said it before and I'll say it again. Plan accordingly. You can find the sales and deals ahead of time. Search online. Below are two sites to start you off:

You ought to know:  Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring serious deals for shoppers. Shop smart.

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