What my clients say

In August, I delivered my very first public speech at Podcast Movement 2017. 

 I knew I had a terrific speech inside me, but I needed help to extract what I wanted so desperately to give my audience. Aimee sat and calmly listened to my initial pitch and slide by slide, gave me extremely positive critique that was firm, but extremely helpful. She continued to encourage and hold me accountable over the weeks that followed, and sometimes told what I needed to hear to get it done. 

Right up til the morning of the talk, Aimee was there, helping me fine tune and optimize every line and word I shared. The final speech was fantastic. I nailed it, thanks in large part to the amazing, Aimee J.

Aimee is a terrific consultant and coach, who helped me extract some of my best gems, living deep down within me. I'm so grateful to have someone like Aimee around to help me win my first presentation.

Stephen A. Hart

Host, Trailblazers Podcast

Words cannot describe my gratitude for meeting and having the opportunity to work with Aimee J! She is a consummate professional who is personable, friendly and adaptable. Her style is so approachable that I didn't feel bad when I realized that a presentation I was working on was about a clear as mud! Aimee provided clarity, direction and helped me make my presentation SHINE! I greatly appreciate her as a professional, a salt-of-the-earth human doing great work in the world and a friend. Although I'd love to keep her all to myself, I'd highly recommend Aimee to collaborate on your success!
Dr. Phyllis Hubbard, BCND

Director, Health and Healing Strategies, Campaign for Black Male Achievement

Aimee embodies everything it means to be a dream chaser – to not only dream but to do the work necessary to bring those dreams to life. This is where Aimee's expertise made the biggest difference in my life. I started working with Aimee to help with the relaunch of my blog but Aimee pushed me to think bigger and encouraged me to add a podcast to connect with my audience in a different way. From ideating the show format to weekly check-ins to discuss my progress, my podcast, Conversations with Couture Rani, would not have been possible without Aimee's help and encouragement. Bottom line, if you have a goal, Aimee will show you how to get it done.
Gina Mathew

Founder, Couture Rani

My experience with Aimee J. as a study skills coach has been quite a transformable experience for myself. When I had reached out Aimee J., I honestly thought it was too late to change any of my habits in regards to studying, and consequentially not getting better grades. Aimee J. was able to look at my experiences and address the issues I had based on how I habitually reacted to situations. She was able to see that I would ask for help at the last minute, and made sure we addressed that first. Aimee J. was then able to take a look at the situation of the actual studying and took it upon herself to make time every week to check in and see what worked and what didn't work. This helped me tremendously, because it made me accountable to her and in turn would make me accountable for myself. She also took it upon herself to find people in the education realm, specifically a principal at the time, to get advice on study skill we may not have thought about. Thanks to her amazing help, I was able complete my undergraduate degree. I feel confident taking the skills I have learned from her to a Masters Degree. I sincerely thank Aimee J. for all the time, help, and effort she has given me to excel in my studies for the past years.
Royce Mathew

M.Div. Student, St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary

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