Stand Right, Walk Left

Have you ever had to take an escalator in a metro during rush hour? Have you ever been on an escalator and try to walk up but find you can't go anywhere because people are standing in front of you? Two people on one set of steps?

Frustrating isn't it? The reason you can't move is because those people in front of you don't know how to properly use an escalator.  It's actually a very simple concept that can be boiled down to 4 words.

Stand Right, Walk Left

That's it. When you're on stairs, an escalator or even moving walkways, this is the universal rule. By doing this, people who need to get where they are going, can do so.

If we didn't follow this simple rule, no one would ever be able to get anywhere. Trains would be missed, gates never reached, people would be late. So share the knowledge. You don't want to be that person who stands on the left and gets yelled at by all the people behind you, because you didn't know this universal rule.

  • If you plan to just stand where you are then stand on the right.
  • If you plan to walk then walk to the left. 

There's even a facebook page to help advocate this basic concept.

You ought to know:  Stand on the right, Walk on the left.

Image source: Stand Right, Walk Left FB Page

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