PSA: Time to Backup

This is your friendly reminder to back up your computer. Back up your websites. Backup your important files. Backup your media. Backup your photos.

When you create files and folders on a computer, most of the time they are safe. I would venture to say 98% of the time they are safe. However, there is that pesky 2%. A 2% chance that your hard drive could go bad, your computer crashes as you're working, someone spills liquid on your laptop or just something unexplainable happens. It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

Think of backing up as a preventative measure.  It's no good backing up after you've lost everything. And there's no worse feeling than losing everything and realizing you don't have a backup. Isn't it always the case that when your computer crashes it's when you're working on something time sensitive? It's never when you have time, money and energy.

Don't just backup your computers. Back up your smart phones, tablets, PDAs, and anything else that has the chance of losing your data.

Mac Users: Buy a hard drive and use Time Machine. It will save your life. It runs every hour on the hour that your computer is connected to the external hard drive you're using as a backup. There are other programs like Carbon Copy Cloner that you might also find useful. I prefer Time Machine for its ability to go “back in time” and find/restore files easily.

PC Users: Buy a hard drive and use Windows Backup or some other backup software.

Dropbox: A handy online storage site for important files or backups. Accessible wherever there's an internet connection.

Not only should you back up today, but back up regularly.  It should be as common as you taking a shower. In case you're not sure what that means (and you really should know how often that is :p) – do it daily.

So backup today.

You Ought to Know: Better to save and save often than to regret and lose everything.

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