PSA for Television Show Watching

Social media is so prevalent today that it is everywhere. Originally, social media was a way to keep in touch with family and friends and now it has become much more. It is a platform for businesses to engage and market to people and is a way for fans of entertainment to connect and discuss some of their favorite artists, actors, books, movies, tv shows, and sports.

People do not simply watch television anymore. Tv watching has become interactive. Viewers use social networks to chat with fellow fans and to discuss the happenings of their shows. Production companies and networks have begun to use social media as another way of measuring how well a show is doing. Social networks like GetGlue, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are front in center for this new avenue of popularity measuring.

Networks have created mobile apps that can be used while watching a television show to give viewers bonus features. For example, The Syfy network has an app called Syfy Sync that will give you behind the scenes featurettes, tidbits, photos and quotes from the episode you are watching. I mean really, how cool is that!


These are all great things if you are watching your show live. But if you do not watch your show live, then social media is a big problem. Fans of the show who cannot watch live, go onto Facebook to check their feed and all of sudden spoilers from the show are showing up in between engagement news and photos. Those fans have been unwillingly spoiled.There is nothing like watching a show for the first time and seeing the big reveal having no forehand knowledge. But once you have been spoiled, you will never have that feeling for that reveal. It can be quite a frustrating thing.


GOOD NEWS though! There is a simple way to avoid being spoiled when you cannot watch a show live.


I am completely serious. Do not go onto any social network if you have not watched the latest episode of a show. Especially if your show is a popular show like Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Blacklist, or Revenge. Just do not do it. You may even want to wait till the afternoon after the show has aired because people will probably still be talking about it. Those who are “spoiling” the show by putting it in their Facebook status or live tweeting the show, will have no remorse. The typical response you will read or hear is that you should know better and to simply stay off of social media. You will not get any sympathy.

If you insist on using social media, here are some helpful things you can do to minimize the likelihood of being spoiled.

Tumblr – Use an extension for your browser like Tumblr Savior to hide posts that are related to your show.

Twitter – Use a 3rd party Twitter program like Hootesuite, Tweetbot, or Tweetdeck and mute hashtags or keywords related to your show. I tell everyone on friday nights to mute me or #DiscoverHaven because I live-tweet the show.

Facebook – Manually set those friends who watch the show to “Not show in your news feed”

You Ought To Know: When You Can't Watch a TV Show Live, Stay off Social Media

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