Protect your iOS and/or Mac

Have you ever lost your phone? Or had to scramble around looking for it? Do you have an iPhone? Then there's a service that can help you out.


If you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) or a Mac device, then the first thing you should do is turn on “Find my iPhone” or “Find my Mac” under your iCloud settings.

I had gone to visit my cousin out of state and was leaving early the next morning. I realized a half-hour into my 4 hour drive home that I didn't have my phone with me. Using my sister's smartphone, I went to icloud.com, and they located my phone. The map showed that it was in the car somewhere, and I sent a message with a sound to alert me.  Long story short, we found the phone at the bottom of my suitcase.

Have you ever tried calling your phone to find it, only to realize in frustration that it's on silent?!  A nice part about Find my iPhone is that even though your phone may be on silent, the sound alert feature will bypass silent mode (super feature!!).  

Find my iPhone is a free service by Apple that keeps track of where your device is located. This service has been a benefit to many Apple users including myself. If you've ever lost your phone and spent frantic minutes searching for it, you'll understand how beneficial this feature is to have. All you need is a Mac or iOS device and an AppleID (which you can set up if you don't have one already).

Find my iPhone also allows you to lock your phone and/or erase the phone of everything (especially if you think it's been stolen).

Do it now!! This isn't something that's helpful unless you set it up before something happens.

Important Note:  Test it to be sure you've set it up correctly. Either use the Find my Iphone app from the app store or goto icloud.com. Nothing worse than thinking you've set it up and find out you've done it wrong.

You Ought to Know:  Find My iPhone can be a lifesaver if your iPhone/iPad/Mac is lost/stolen.

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