Press Release: Chasing Dreams Podcast is now LIVE

Press Release
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Aimee Joshua
Founder of Chasing Dreams

Aimee J., LLC Announces the Release of Inspirational Podcast “Chasing Dreams” to iTunes

New Podcast Gives Guidance on How to Chase Dreams Through Success Stories of Fellow Dream Chasers

PHILADELPHIA, PA— September 21, 2015 Aimee J., a leading blogger, podcaster, and developer for the inspiration community, announced the release of her latest podcast, Chasing Dreams, which features people who are currently on the journey of pursuing what makes them happy, while giving advice on how others can do the same for themselves. The new podcast continues Aimee J.’s quest to motivate people to reach for bigger and better things in life. 

With Chasing Dreams, listeners will be exposed to motivation, inspiration, and practical advice that they can from people who have successfully chased their dream, to use to start chasing their own dreams. “I love that these interviews, while inspiring and insightful, are so down to earth and lighthearted,” said Mathew Poovan, listener. “I like hearing how the dream chasers break down their challenges and I like the solid advice they provide based on the lessons they’ve learned.”

Aimee J. said that seeing the people around her being unmotivated or unsure of how to take that first step is what inspired her to create Chasing Dreams. “Life is too short to live with regret, and it’s important that people make moves, take a chance, and chase their dreams.”

Those interviewed find the experience rewarding, because they have the opportunity to set the bar of possibility for listeners, as Zephan Moses Blaxberg stated. “We now live in a day and age where it’s crucial for us to be that record-breaking trend-setter. [Chasing Dreams] isn’t to discourage, but to inspire others to do more of the same. If you want to chase your dreams, it helps to hear the stories of those who have done it too.”

Chasing Dreams can be found in the iTunes store.

To learn more about Chasing Dreams, please visit www.chasingdreamshq.com.

About Aimee J., LLC

Aimee J., LLC was born out of Aimee J.’s drive to help others, and put together resources which help others strive to become better. Starting with an inspirational podcast, and creating a movement for dream chasers, Aimee J., LLC aims to deliver resources for people to assist in their dream chase, including books, guides, speaker talks, and motivational reminders, including graphics, merchandise, and more. For more information, please visit www.aimeej21.com.

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