Press Release: Chasing Dreams Podcast Reaches 150 Episodes

Press Release­

Aimee J., LLC Announces the 150th episode of podcast “Chasing Dreams”

Dreaming Chasing Podcast Has Expanded Listening Audience to Over 30 Countries

BALTIMORE, MD— July 19, 2018 — Aimee J.’s popular podcast, Chasing Dreams, will celebrate its 150th episode this week after almost three years since its debut in 2015. Chasing Dreams introduces listeners to original profiles each week of people who are currently on the journey of pursuing what makes them happy and how they did it including Dr. Freeman Hrawbowski of UMBC, DJ Mary Nichols, and illustrator Dani Jones. With more than 79 thousand downloads to date, the podcast has resonated strongly with people looking for advice on how to pursue their own dreams and happiness.

The 150th episode of Chasing Dreams will be a family affair, as creator Aimee J’s sisters and brother-in-law join her to talk about what they’ve been doing with their lives, how the podcast has affected the way they approach decisions in life, and their overall thoughts on Chasing Dreams, and how it has evolved over the years.

Throughout the course of the podcast, Aimee J. has conducted every interview herself, but for a few episodes, such as episode 94, Aimee took the time to reflect on milestones she has hit over the course of the podcast, and to share her own motivations.

“I created Chasing Dreams to expose listeners to unique motivation, inspiration, and practical advice from people who have successfully chased their own dreams, to use to start chasing their own dreams,” said Aimee. “I want to give people that push we all sometimes need to just get out there and do what’s needed to be done to be happy.”

Squeaky Moore, an author, producer, writer, and actress couldn’t agree more. “Listening to this put fire underneath me. I feel so inspired!” said Moore.

The popularity of Chasing Dreams has led to Aimee being very active in the podcasting community, resulting in numerous speaking opportunities at conferences across the country. She has spoken on topics ranging from Internet Safety, to the world of podcasting, to motivational speeches that are based around Chasing Dreams.

“Public speaking has been a passion of mine for a while,” said Aimee. “And now that I get to speak to people in person about achieving their dreams, it’s almost like a dream of my own has come true.”

Aimee J. said that seeing the people around her being unmotivated or unsure of how to take that first step is what inspired her to create Chasing Dreams. “Life is too short to live with regret, and it’s important that people make moves, take a chance, and chase their dreams.”

Chasing Dreams can be found through the following sites:

Listeners can also join in on the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To learn more about Chasing Dreams, please visit www.aimeej21.com/podcast/

About Aimee J., LLC

Aimee J., LLC was born out of Aimee J.’s drive to help others and put together resources which help others strive to become better. Starting with an inspirational podcast, and creating a movement for dream chasers, Aimee J., LLC aims to deliver resources for people to assist in their dream chase, including books, guides, speaker talks, and motivational reminders, including graphics, merchandise, and more. For more information, please visit www.aimeej.com.


Aimee Joshua
Founder of Chasing Dreams

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