Chasing Dreams

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Ep. 152: Joel Quass ­- You Never Know What Can Happen

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an inside track when it comes to your next job search? How would it be to have an expert in your corner when it comes to crafting your resume or navigating your next job interview? If this sounds like valuable information to you, then...

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Ep. 151: Podcast Movement 2018 Group [PM18 episode]

Episode Title: Ep. 151: Podcast Movement 2018 Group - Post-Coital Cuisine [PM18 episode] Guests: Podcast Movement 2018 Attendees Some collaborators: Taylor N. Fosters Some of the Podcast Movement 2018 attendees overcame their fears of podcasting and proved to...

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Ep. 145: Ashlei Shyne – Shyne Bright Like a Diamond

Have you been chasing your dreams your WHOLE LIFE? My guest today knew what she wanted to do as a young child, and even her mother thought she was a little crazy. As she is not only pursuing her personal dreams, she is working hard to make the same dreams accessible...

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Ep. 144: Juel D. Lane -­ Dance Your Truth

What have you had to overcome to chase your dreams? Today’s guest overcame severe anxiety, explored what he wanted to accomplish in his life, and found the support to make it happen. His journey wasn’t an easy one, but it’s been fulfilling and rewarding, and----the...

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