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Ep. 13: Jay Flame – I Am Jay Flame

A teenage kid who loved music. He didn’t have the means to pursue formal training or education so he started with what he had. Jay Flame progressed from that point with the tools at hand and has become a very talented artist, rapper, producer, and musician, chasing...

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Ep. 12: Alex Barker – Being a Life A Chemist

Chasing dreams is not an easy thing to do. There will be setbacks. There will be discouragement. There will be failure. But it’s what you do in those times that determines if you will be an overall success or not. Today’s guest on Chasing Dreams is Alex Barker. Alex...

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Ep. 10: Hani Mourra – One Dream After Another

Many people have dreams and skills that could support those dreams. But they don’t always know it. In this episode of Chasing Dreams, Aimee J. is chatting with someone whose dreams took shape as he put his skills to work. Hani Mourra is a software engineer who...

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Ep. 9: Martin Esqueda – Coaching Wall

Do you have a student athlete? What would it mean to you personally if you were able to chronicle our child’s primary and high school athletic career in an easy-to-use format that lasts forever? What if that platform provided stats boards to enable assessment and...

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Ep. 7: Jamaya Moore – Pretty Much Beauty

Sometimes you don’t know what your dream job is until it jumps up in front of you. That’s the exact thing that happened to today’s guest, Jamaya Moore. Jamaya graduated college and went immediately into the corporate world. She was involved in high finance in a...

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Ep. 6: Andre Watson – All Work is Easy Work

In this episode of Chasing Dreams, Aimee J. is chatting with her own personal trainer, Andre (Dre) Watson. Dre is an amazingly fit guy who loves exercise and training. He’s always been an athlete but didn’t even think about becoming a personal trainer until way after...

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Ep. 5: Anne Akhila – A Woman of Many Talents

What does it look like to chase your dreams? Too many people believe in an idealistic dream, one that works out step by step just as they imagine it. But seldom do dreams work out that way, and seldom to we find ourselves content to walk that path anyway. Today’s...

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Ep. 4: Stephanie Matthews – String Candy CEO

Your dreams are probably not going to look like what everyone else thinks they should. Stephanie Matthews’ dreams are a powerful example of that. Stephanie made the choice to change her career focus to pursue what everyone (including her) thought was a long-shot...

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