Chasing Dreams

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Ep. 3: Steven Mitchell – Blue Rain World

Many people want to be the CEO of their own thing. That’s OK. It’s actually a great thing. Steve Mitchell is one of the people who wanted that, but not at the expense of relationships and collaboration. His company, Blue Rain World, works to collaborate with other...

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Ep. 2: Jay – The Hiring Process

The internet world is abuzz with people promoting and seeking entrepreneurship. But that’s not the only route for many dream chasers. Some people are wired to work in a corporate or larger company environment, and they love it! It is actually their dream. In this...

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Ep. 1: Gina J – Running to the Beat

It’s an uncontested fact that keeping yourself in shape will yield great results in your life and business. And when it comes to chasing your dreams, poor health is one of the things that could derail you. In this episode Aimee invited her sister, Gina, to come and...

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Ep. 0: The Episode That Starts It All

Get ready for a very special podcast episode. This episode is like no other podcast episode this show will have. Why? Because this episode is less than 10 minutes, features only Aimee J., and answers the 5 W's about the Chasing Dreams podcast: Who, What, When, Where,...

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