Creating a world of dream chasers

Why run a Patreon Campaign?

For the past two years, I've been bringing you the stories of dream chasers. It was not ideal, but the costs for production came out of my pocket. In order to continue bringing you more podcast episodes and additional resources, I need your help. The intent of this campaign is to help offset costs and free up time so that I can do more for dream chasers.

Where can I find the wall of Patreon supporters?

Here's the link to our Wall of Support.

I prefer to give a one-time donation via Patreon, can I do that?

Absolutely. Full disclosure, it's not as easy to do as the monthly donation.  Basically, you're going to make the donation, and then go back into your account to cancel future payments, after the first payment is done. Here's a link to a Patreon article explaining what you would do. Please understand that as much as I would like to give you access to future Patron-only posts after your cancellation, there is nothing I can do. I'm bound by the capabilities of Patreon.


Can I donate one-time via GoFundMe and still get the Patreon benefits?

Unfortunately, reward tiers defined for Patreon are only available to our Patrons. If you give a one-time donation via GoFundMe, you will find your name on the Wall of Supporters and we will add you to our newsletter. If you'd like to give a one-time donation, please visit aimeej21.com/gofundme

When does Patreon charge my credit card?

New Patrons and Patrons who are upgrading their pledge (e.g from $3 to $5), will find their credit cards charged immediately. You will then have access to the rewards for your pledge level.

On an on-going, monthly basis, Patreon will charge your credit card on the first of every month. It can take up to 72-hours for the charge to be processed.

For more questions on payment processing, please visit the Patreon Help Page.

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