[UPDATED] New Apple iPhones + iOS 7 – Coming Soon!

UPDATE: iOS 7 has been released. Before you run off to get it remember:

1. Have the latest version of iTunes
2. BACKUP your iOS device (so important)
3. Be patient. All of North America is downloading so it make take some time. Plus it's unrolling by timezone so keep that in mind when you're frustrated. A LOT of people are downloading it now.

MacTrast has a great guide that may be of some help here. Oh and review they did here.


Also for those thinking of getting the new iPhone in a few days. I just learned I'm eligible so I'm in that camp but again having a hard time justifying it. Someone convince me!! Anyways, if you're someone who has unlimited data and wants to keep it then you may need to buy the phone at full retail price. Well here's a chart of what that means so you can plan accordingly:

iPhone Full Retail Prices















[end update]

It's Here!!! A year later and right on schedule the latest iPhone is here.  Not only do we have one new model but we have two!

The iPhone 5C and 5S will be available this month. FYI, there is no better place to learn more about Apple products than the Apple website itself. Apple is one of the few companies that does an awesome job in providing the customer with the information they need about the products they are interested in. But for those of you who do not feel like searching, here's my own comparison (please excuse the image quality) between the two models of phones from what I have gleaned online and from the keynote. It doesn't have all the comparisons that Apple makes so check out a full model comparison including a comparison to the iPhone 4S here.


The 5C however is pretty similar to the iPhone 5 so some people may feel cheated by that. Keep in mind that Apple rolled out the 5C to be a more feasible option for the average shopper and is a total replacement for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4s will still be around and is free with a 2-year contract. New iPhone 5S and 5C users can also look forward to getting iWorks free for their phones. iWords is the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Office (Pages = Word, Keynote = PowerPoint and Numbers = Excel).

I am excited for iOS 7 to roll out. It is going to give Apple mobile devices an entirely new look. For example, out with the old icons and in with brand new ones. I'm not sure if I necessarily like the new icons but that may be because I am used to the existing ones.

The feature of iOS 7 I am most looking forward to is multitasking. It seems like they've improved a number features and I think I'm more likely to use Air Drop now because it seems easy to use. The fact that I can turn Bluetooth on and off via Siri makes me happy. It is these small things that keep me with Apple.  I think it is safe to say that iOS 7 will make you feel like you have a new iPhone and in the beginning people will complain because it is different. But I think once you get over the learning curve, you'll find iOS 7 to be a great update. This is me being optimistic of course, I have not tested it out yet. Let us hope I don't have to eat my words!

iPhone5c_34L_AllColors_PRINT iPhone 5C

For those of you planning to get one of the new phones or download iOS 7, here are the dates/carriers you need to know:

Pre-Orders: Begin Friday, September 13th
Orders: Begin Friday, September 20th
iOS 7: Available for download Wednesday, September 18th
Available on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile

I am not eligible for a new phone and my 4S is still working well so I cannot justify making the purchase. So I will remain excited over getting iOS 7 and only iOS 7.  If I was to get a new phone, however, I would be getting the silver 32GB iPhone 5S. 😀 Do you plan on getting the new iPhone and if so which kind?

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