Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Returns with Season 3!

admin. 24th April 2015

Miss Fisher is back! Don't believe me? See for yourselves below. 🙂

Here's the exciting part. Not only was filming underway, but it is now complete and series 3 will begin airing in Australia on Friday, May 8, 2015 at 8:30pm on ABC TV.


Now I may not be in Australia myself and therefore have to wait, but this news has me excited. This means that we are closer to series 3 airing on Netflix (streaming) and PBS!

I am clearly getting ahead of myself though. For those of you who have yet to discover Miss Fisher and her friend's let me try to give you a quick synopsis of the show.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is based on the Phryne Fisher Mysteries written by Kerry Greenwood. The Australian television series is set in the 1920's and is the story of the Honourable Phryne Fisher, a wealthy, independent private detective who doesn't hold back in living her life. With the help of her friends, Miss Fisher solves crimes and helps those who seek her help, including the constabulary kind in the form of Detective Inspector Jack Robinson.

Source: Every Cloud Productions

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is currently available on Netflix and maybe airing in your territory, since it has been sold to over 120 territories worldwide. In the US, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries airs on PBS.

I reached out to Every Cloud Productions in anticipation of this new season to see if they could give us any insight.

1.  Currently, MFMM is available on Netflix and Amazon Instant. Will it become available via iTunes soon?

We hope so – we are currently developing a plan for international roll out, including iTunes.

2. Is there an official synopsis for Series 3 that can be shared with fans?

Miss Phryne Fisher will grace our television screens once again with A the eagerly-anticipated third series of the hugely popular and award-winning Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. 

Essie Davis returns in the lead role of our glamorous and thoroughly modern lady sleuth of the 1920's.  Independent, glamorous and unflappable, Miss Phryne Fisher will continue to fight against injustice with her pearl-handled pistol and her dagger-sharp wit.

3.  How soon after airing in Australia do you anticipate Series 3 being made available to the rest of its fanbase across the world?

Hopefully, very soon but dates are tbc.

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

For more on Series 3 of Miss Fisher, visit the production Series 3 news release here.

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  • You are killing us in the States. We love Acorn and ABC…all things down under. It is so hard to know you are out there, but untouchable. Please release Miss Fisher, et al, soon!

  • Emily K

    MFMM will release in the states on October 27, 2015!

    • Aimee J.

      Really?! That is soooo exciting! =) *runs to mark calendar* Thanks for sharing the 411!

    • Joan

      Will it be released on Netflix on that date?

      • Aimee J.

        Man, I hope so, but I don’t know. It’s doubtful considering it S3 just completed so recently.

  • Roberta churchill

    We are waiting apace.

  • I adore this show!! I just started season 2 and can not stand the thought of running out of Miss Fisher, absolutely the best thing ever written and performed!! Please keep that sexual tension going between her and the detective inspector, it makes us single ladies absolutely giddy!! A job well done to all!!

  • Joy

    You mentioned it would be released in the states on Oct. 27,2015. Where is it going to be released? Will it be on PBS?

    • Aimee J.

      Actually Emily K said that. From what I see, it’s coming to DVD on Oct 27th. Didn’t find anything about it being released on Netflix or PBS just yet.

      • Julie P.

        My PBS station (WUSF in Tampa, FL) will start showing Miss Fisher 3 on Friday, September 18 at 9 pm.

        The new Doctor Who starts on Saturday and the final series of Downton Abbey starts on Sunday. What a weekend!

  • Aimee J.

    Netflix just told me Season 3 is NOW AVAILABLE!!!