Are you Making Moves?!

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If you had to take stock of how things are going in your life, can you say that you are happy?There are several things in life you have no choice but to do. Eat, sleep, go to school, you get the idea. Most everything else is a choice.

What you do for a career, what you do for fun, what you do for yourself, is all up to one person. You. Remember when you were younger and you had all of these dreams and aspirations? How many of those have you done? Why haven't you?

Too many people are living life like robots. Get up, go to work/school, come back, sleep, repeat the next day. That's not living.

sad_happy_machine_transformationThere is no machine that will do this, despite what you see above.  Only YOU can make the changes in your life to be happy.

It's time to make moves! I've said this before but I'm serious. You hold the key to making the changes.

I know I said in my podcast that I'm going to start making moves on Nov. 21 but why wait? Make moves today!

I work on this website, podcast, and take classes on udemy because I enjoy it.  What are you doing?

Come Nov. 21st, I will have wristbands for sale to help motivate and encourage you to make moves. Here is a look at some of the bands that will be available. 🙂

SONY DSCTill then, keeping making moves!
– aimee

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