Look Up From Your Phone, Shut Down Your Display

Gary Turk has done an amazing job with his spoken word film, Look Up.  Believe it or not, there was a time when people actually socialized with one another. Where kids were entertained with playing outdoors or making forts out of bedsheets and cardboard.  When little ones were distracted with play toys and people rather than iPhones and iPads.


Shocking, I know.  Now, I'm not saying technology is a bad thing, I would be quite the hypocrite if I did. No, what I am saying is that while technology is great, it was not supposed to make you dependent on it.  Facebook is not supposed to be a substitute for actually calling or talking with people. You are not supposed to let your iPhone become more important than the people who are around you.  You are not supposed to let the iPad become the babysitter. And you are not supposed to let video games be the only way a child knows how to entertain themselves.

These are all tools, not substitutes. Teach your kids that life can be lived without a 100% dependence on technology. It is possible. Generations before us have been doing it. There was a world before Google and the iPhone.


Seriously. I'm not kidding. It's a true story. There was life before Facebook!  The thing is that kids learn from watching their parents.  If they only see you using technology to do everything then won't they do the same? Break the cycle.

Check out Gary's spoken word film below.

I am guilty of letting technology get the better of me at times but I acknowledge that am working on it.  I think Gary's film is a wonderful reminder of these things.

Drop Gary a kudos with a thumbs up on the video via Youtube or on Twitter.  Kudos Gary!!

Remember: Look up from your phone, shut down your display.

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