iOS Tips for Newbies

I used to help teach folks how to use their iOS devices. When I did, I put together a short cheat sheet to help them out.  Figured I'd share it with anyone who cared. 🙂 Once you know how to use one iOS device, you pretty much now how to use any of them. Apple has a tendency of making things intuitive, so if you have a hunch on how to do something, try it and chances are you'll be right.  So here are some starting tips:


  • To rearrange icons, tap and hold any icon until they start dancing.
  • To stop rearranging, tap the home button.


  • First, icons must be dancing (tap and hold any icon). To create a folder, drag one icon over another.  To move an icon out of a folder, drag the icon, outside the folder.


  • Taskbar = double-tap the home button
  • Double-tap (quickly) the home button, which will bring up your taskbar.
  • To turn off apps, tap and hold any icon in the taskbar.  Press the red (-) button over the icon. To stop the dancing, tap the home button.
  • To exit the taskbar tap anywhere else on the screen OR tap the home button.
  • Scroll-lock is located in the taskbar to the left.

Cellular Data

  • Cellular Data plan is controlled through Settings -> Cellular Data -> View Account
  • Cellular data takes into account: streaming, uploading, and downloading
  • Cellular data does not take into account things that are already on your ipod (ibooks, video, music)
  • Apps usually do not require streaming unless they are media related (Hulu, ABC Player, etc.)

Text Editing

  • The keyboard will appear whenever you tap on a text field.
  • To correct a mistake, tap and hold until a magnifying glass appears. Then move the cursor to where you want.

File Transfer for Apps

  • Connect iPad/iPhone/iPod to computer
  • Launch iTunes on the computer. In the Devices section of the left-hand menu on iTunes select the device.
  • Click on the Apps tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. If you have any apps on your device that support file sharing you will see the screen below.
  • In the File Sharing section you can see a list of apps that support file sharing on your device. Click on an app and you will see a list of the documents for that app on your device.  Click on Add to find the document you want to transfer to the device
  • Be sure to click on sync to apply the changes and transfer the file.

You Ought to Know: How to use an iOS device

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