Stop waiting for permission to chase your dreams

Isn't it time you live your life without regret?

When you live on your terms, you're living

As Yourself

You wear more than one hat on any given day, but there is no hat more important than the person wearing it. Without the person, the hat would meaningless.


No more hiding or lying about what you want or who you are. Feel at peace and empowered to live your truth on a daily basis.


The world doesn't need you to be a copy of someone else. It needs you living life as yourself, because that is what makes it a better place.

You need to feel empowered to embrace your own interests and make your own choices.  You need to feel complete by fully and finally accepting yourself.

Not living life authentically is the most common regret of the dying

Most people wait till the end of their life to look back and examine it. They see a life of full of good memories, but find it outweighed by the regrets they hold. Regrets stemming from choices made in conflict with their true desires.

A conflict that is shared by many and one that you may be experiencing right now. The conflict where the choice you really want to make goes against the opinions and thoughts of a third-party. A third party in the form of your family, your friends, your work, your spiritual beliefs, your heritage, or some combination of all the above.

And since you've given the third-party a majority stake in your decision making you feel powerless. You have now entered a dishonest relationship with the most important person – YOU. Why? Simply because you are making your way through each day by acting and going through the motions as someone else. You feel depressed, uneasy, and unhappy, because you're living a lie disguised as your choice, when it's really a coerced choice.

I know what that's like. I've made my share of coerced choices in my life, especially in my twenties. During college, I got a job with NASA, yes that NASA. A safe, stable, government job, some people’s dream job, but I did not feel fulfilled. My heart wasn’t into it, but I took the job because people all around me said that that is what I should do, that I would be crazy not to. I felt like I was blindly walking through life instead of living it.

I was able to take back the majority stake in my life and I want to share how I did that with you. You deserve to powerfully live your life, make your own empowered choices, and chase your dreams, all at the same time.

Learn the 4-Phase Transformation you need to live your life on your own terms

Before a butterfly can show the world its unique identity and beauty, it needs to go through process of change. Similarly, to truly make your own choices and chase your dreams, there is a 4-phase transformation you have to experience

  1. Phase One: Learning
  2. Phase Two: Testing
  3. Phase Three: Doing
  4. Phase Four: Checking
You have to allow yourself the grace to acknowledge your past without recrimination and move forward. Working through the 4-Phase Transformation will find you learning more about yourself because you have removed the limits placed upon you.

You will find yourself happier, mentally healthier, and at peace each day. Now when you look back at your life, you will see a life of full of good memories that are no longer outweighed by regret.

Hey there, I'm Aimee J.

Hi there! So, here’s a little bit about me so you know who you’re dealing with. I have a master’s in computer science and a former NASA engineer, but am a lawyer by trade, where I’ve worked for multi-million-dollar organizations including CareFirst and Comcast.

In my spare time, travel and speak across the country, in the hopes of inspiring anyone who feels a little incomplete to live their own authentic life. Through my travels, I’ve become a nationally recognized inspirational speaker.

Additionally, I host the Chasing Dreams podcast, where I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interview over 200 people, including New York Times best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi, as well as executive educators, Hollywood entertainers, successful entrepreneurs, and online influencers.


“Aimee embodies everything it means to be a dream chaser – to not only dream but to do the work necessary to bring those dreams to life. Bottom line, if you have a goal, Aimee will show you how to get it done.”
Gina Mathew

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