A History on the “History of Rap” by Fallon & Timberlake

Kudos to Jimmy Fallon on doing the Tonight Show!! I'm a big fan of Jimmy's because he appears to be a genuinely nice guy and is super talented. I wish nothing but the best for him.

For those of you not in the know, Jimmy does various segments/bits on his show including #Hashtag, History of Hip-hop and my personal favorite, History of Rap. Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Justin Timberlake to educate and entertain the public on the history of Rap music. In case the below links and vids trying going to Google and searching for the segments.

As of now, find below History of Rap Parts 1 to 5.


History of Rap – Part 1

Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Perform “A History of Rap” from Nate on Vimeo.

History of Rap – Part 2

Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake History Of Rap… by PayeTaChatte

History of Rap – Part 3

History of Rap – Part 4

History of Rap 4 (Jimmy Fallon & Justin… by PayeTaChatte

History of Rap – Part 5

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