Haven Gets 5th Season

Haven has just been renewed for what will essentially be 2 seasons but is billed as one. It does not matter how you describe it the bottom line is that Haven will be on my tv in 2014 AND 2015. 🙂

To summarize though, here’s what we know:

  • Haven has been renewed for a 5th season
  • Haven’s 5th season will consist of 26 episodes
  • 13 episodes will air Fall 2014
  • 13 episodes will air at some time in 2015

It seems that this is similar to what was done with Army Wives. Whatever the reason, we are getting more Haven! So don’t go borrowing trouble and start worrying about the possibility of a season 6. We have 26 episodes! The writers are free to plan and write for the show without the stress of wondering if we’ll be back in 2015 because they will be back. Chances are they will work on the first 13 episodes this spring & summer and the last half the following year. That’s just me speculating though.

Read more from my article on RevisitingHaven.com.

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