Good Will Always Win

In light of what has happened in Boston on April 15, 2013, we want to remind you that GOOD WILL ALWAYS WIN. I know it doesn't seem like it, but it will.  In this time of crisis and chaos, people ran towards the mayhem to help those in need.  The spirit of Boston is not broken.  The rest of the US, in fact, the rest of the world are behind the people of Boston as they recover and they will recover.  While you cannot forget the devastation at the loss of at least 3 lives and more than 150 injured, remember that this is also when people came together.  People came together to support their fellow man during a time of need.

There will always be a few (yes, I know way more than few) bad apples but I still believe in my fellow man.

Patton Oswalt wrote a post on Facebook that I think sums it up best.

2013-04-16_16-27-34 Screenshot-PattonOswaltFBPost

Source: Patton Oswalt FB Post on April 15, 2013Our thoughts prayers are with those in Boston and everyone impacted by this senseless violence.  Continue to #prayforBoston

– Aimee J.

You Ought to Know: Good Will Always Win

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