Film Friday: In a World

We watch movie trailers all the time. Whether we see them online, on TV, or in theaters, trailers are a big part of the movie watching experience. However, have you ever thought about the voices behind those trailers? The fictional comedy film In a World takes us behind the scenes into the sometimes overlooked and covert voice-over industry.

Written, directed, and starring Lake Bell, In a World tells the story of Carol Solomon, a vocal coach trying to achieve her dream of doing voice-over work for movie trailers. Carol soon finds herself competing against her “king of voice-overs” father and his protegé in the voice-over industry for a major movie trailer deal.

In a World is a smart and captivating movie. For me personally, I never knew much about voice-overs so it was extremely eye-opening to watch a film about an industry that does not seem to get a lot of attention. Once you think about it, these voice-over professionals narrate so much of our lives through commercials, trailers, etc. I also admired Carol's work as a vocal coach. The use of a vocal coach to have ones voice sound more mature and be taken more seriously never occurred to me before so I found that to be a really interesting aspect of the job.

Another major highlight of the film was the struggle Carol had to go through to get her foot in the door and start to make her own impact in such a male dominated field. To have her voice be heard (both literally and metaphorically), she had to face head-on sexism and pride coupled along with her status as a newcomer in the industry. The film is a testament to never giving up on your dreams, no matter how small or big they are, no matter the challenges that may stand in your way. Carol's passion for voice-over work and for voices in general fueled her great talent that she used to help others as well.

I definitely enjoyed the concept and main messages that In a World presents to us as an audience. While the film may fall flat in other areas of its story and character development, overall it does a fine job of encapsulating Carol's journey to success in the voice-over industry. I would recommend this film, as I find it important to learn something new, in this case about voice-overs, and to also be motivated.  In a World might not be my favorite movie, but I feel it brings something new to the table. In a unique way, Carol is trying to become the voice of a generation for girls everywhere, through her work and through her own personal journey. That, I believe, makes it all worth it.

On the Ticket Stub Love Ratings Meter, I give In a World 3 out of 5 ticket stubs.

[Article originally published 01/13/2017]

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