Film Friday: The Intern

I know, what is a movie like The Intern doing in our Film Friday section? Trust me if you had asked me about this movie before it came out, I would have scoffed at the very idea. I did not expect to like The Intern at all. However I was eventually dragged out to see it and I have to admit, I was charmed by this quaint comedy.

A fictional story directed by Nancy Meyers, The Intern follows 70-year-old Ben Whitaker (Robert De Niro) as he becomes a senior intern at a fast-growing online fashion site founded and run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). Though the transition to such a modern and young workplace is a bit jarring at first for Whitaker, he soon finds success at the company and develops a close bond with Ostin, who needs guidance in both her personal and work life.

The Intern is simply heartwarming. What got to me the most was the development of Robert DeNiro's character Ben Whitaker. An old-fashioned widower who becomes bored with his retirement, he decides to join this completely different work environment. Though he is certainly out of his element, Whitaker does his job the best he can, picking up once again from his old executive skills. Even surrounded by this ever-changing technology and youth culture, Whitaker sticks true to his values, works hard, and even teaches his young coworkers a thing or two.

What I appreciated from Whitaker's story line the most is his work ethic and his strive. He was never once discouraged by the new challenges surrounding him even embraced them as part of this new adventure for him. It only goes to show that it is never too late in life to go after what you love and to succeed at that.

I personally thought The Intern was a simple and relaxing movie. Robert De Niro once again shows his dexterity regarding his film roles and is such a cute character. Half of my pleasure from the movie was gained from just watching his classic traits as a gentleman and his interactions with his younger coworkers. I also appreciated the similarity of the movie to a previous film of Anne Hathaway’s, The Devil Wears Prada. In The Intern however Hathaway is now the boss and a much kinder one at that than Meryl Streep.

Along with the cute moments in the film, there were also some elements of humor. A scene of a house break-in orchestrated by Whitaker and involving his team of coworker friends had me cracking up. I did not expect to be so amused at all!

Anne Hathaway was fine in the film but the element to appreciate of her character the most is the fashion, which makes sense since she is the head of a fashion site and all. Still, her outfits looked straight out of a catalog! I was surprised in the end with the decisions made regarding her personal life, but I suppose it was to show the different experiences people go through.

I recommend The Intern wholeheartedly. Sure not everyone might enjoy it, but those looking for a light comedy with sincere moments should look no further! The mentor, almost father-daughter-like relationship Whitaker has with his boss Ostin was heartwarming and refreshing. The Intern was a pleasant surprise for me.

On the Ticket Stub Love meter, I give The Intern 4 1/2 out of 5 Ticket Stubs.

[Article originally published 03/24/2017]

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