Ep. 155: Aimee J. ­- Who’s In Your Circle

Who are your friends that you hang out with the most? What are they like? Do they help you in your dream chase? Today’s solo episode is designed to make you think about these questions and more. Are YOU the kind of friend who is supportive to others who are chasing their dreams?

Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” It’s true! Think about your circle of friends and how they affect you–and let’s talk about it.

Relationships will change over time

Who are your “five friends”? Relationships will ebb and flow in the changing seasons of life. Dynamics change about the people you once held dear—and they might not be as close as they once were. One thing that doesn’t change, though, is the way our friends affect us. We need different types of personalities with different strengths and weaknesses in our circle, and we tend to group them according to specific similarities or where we met them.


The friends you need

Do your friends support you? They may not always know what’s going on or what your difficulties are, but you want them to have your back and be the person you can call at 3 am. You don’t want people around you who are always YES people, but you don’t want those around you to always be negative either. If you’ve ever spent any amount of time with a complaining, negative person, then you know they will wear you down and depress you. Who wants to be around that person all day?


A two-way friendship

Do you surround yourself with people whom you can support? Friendships and relationships go both ways. Be careful not to suck up someone’s support without giving it back to them. Watch out for those who take, take, take! Surround yourself with givers, and not just takers. Look for friends you can count on and those who have ambition to be good leaders and be their best selves. 



  • [1:48] Who are you hanging with?
  • [4:48] How we group our friends
  • [8:40] Why you don’t want YES people
  • [10:17] How negative people wear you down
  • [13:33] Who should you surround yourself with?
  • [15:40] Be kind in your honesty
  • [17:35] Look for friends with ambition
  • [18:58] Are your friends leaders?
  • [19:25] Some good examples of good friends
  • [23:48] Respectful, supportive cheerleaders
  • [24:58] Don’t be a moocher!


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