Ep. 114: Karen Yankovich – Networking and Outreach While Chasing Your Dreams

Karen Yankovich is president of Uplevel Media, a social media marketing agency delivering profitable cutting-edge digital strategies. Karen is an internationally recognized LinkedIn evangelist and Social Media Consultant who is an expert at helping businesses used LinkedIn and a range of other social spaces profitably. Her newest venture, Get Seen Be Heard, provides social media and do-it-yourself public relations training to thousands of members. She is also getting ready to launch a new podcast! A popular trainer and international speaker, Karen’s social media advice and expertise can be found in guest contributions on DailyWorth.com, Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and Career Talk Radio on Sirius XM.

Rock your digital online brand!

Are you satisfied with just being “pretty good” at what you do? If you have an online business, then YOU are a digital marketer. Karen says to step into the role as an expert. Let people know they can “do business with the best, and not someone who’s just pretty good.” Act as if you’re peers with the most influential people in your industry; that’s what LinkedIn allows you to do. It’s where your digital online brand STARTS.

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Flaunt your confidence!

Were you taught that women shouldn’t brag about their confidence? Karen shares how women raised in the 60’s and 70’s were not allowed to flaunt their confidence, but were taught the opposite. We need to learn to be confident about our businesses, our marketing, and our social media presence. Don’t pay attention to what people think of you!

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Share your genius with the world!

Do you need to “flip” your perspective? Karen says to find a way to get your message out so it can benefit others. Instead of wondering what people can do for your business, change your perspective to focus on the loss to the universe if you don’t share your genius with the world!

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Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take—“Call ten people who are doing what you want to do. Outreach is like nothing else to further your digital career.”


  • [1:43] When the new podcast will launch: Good Girls Get Rich
  • [3:36] Being a LinkedIn evangelist (Yes, it’s a real thing!)
  • [4:18] The power of networking and digital marketing
  • [7:13] Who should be on LinkedIn?
  • [8:26] Karen’s dreams—from high school forward
  • [10:16] Helping those who aren’t confident—Share your genius!
  • [14:18] Making time for yourself like you do for others
  • [21:30] Is there a shortcut to confidence?
  • [26:16] The MAPCON experience with other podcasters
  • [32:01] Karen’s ONE action for a dream chaser



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