Don’t Let the Haters Win

So earlier this week, I was able to cross an item off of my new year's list. This has been a project roughly 11 months in the making and I was finally able to make it happen. I created a mobile app as a resource for those in my church. Mobile apps is an area I have wanted to break into and doing this was my way of giving back to the church and learning the process of making an app at the same time and it was worth it. There are plenty of lessons learned that came from undertaking this project. The app was well received and people were excited to see a church resource made available for mobile devices.  The sense of accomplishment I felt when the app was officially released and folks started to buy it was incredible. Let me help you visualize how I felt.

yay_elf_spinning_door heart_burst_rainbows_colbert like_a_boss

I was in my own personal happy place. It's the feeling you get when you have a dream come true or you meet a goal you've worked tirelessly for.  This is also the reason I have not posted on the website as often, but have been posting to Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, but I digress.

Social media is an amazing tool because it can share news faster today than ever before. Friends of mine had posted to their timelines and lots of enthusiastic support was being sent my way. I mean, I was on cloud 9.  I finally saw months and months of hard work fulfilled and it was wonderful. Nothing could bring me down….or so I thought.

A friend had posted on social media to share the news of the app, shortly after its release, and the first comment by John Doe is that the app is mediocre and it costs money.  Now mind you, I am not living under any delusions that my app is perfect. I know it is not. That is why within the app, on the website, and anywhere I talk about it, I have asked folks to provide constructive feedback so that I can make changes and improvements in future updates. Would you say, calling an app mediocre without any supportive reasoning constructive feedback?


And this is what I have a problem with.  John never used the app, by his own words, nor did he have any suggestions for improvement.

Every great accomplishment in history had to start somewhere. At one point in time, 9 out of 10 things were mediocre. If we waited for things to be perfect before sharing them with the world, we may never see any progress. We would be deprived of such great things as iPods, DVDs, Facebook, WordPress, flash drives, etc.

I am going to skip John's issue with cost only to say that nothing in life is free.

I had a number of people come to my defense against John Doe on social media and I thank them for that. I'm writing this post because what I learned is that there will always be someone who is going to be naysayers or haters. You cannot please everyone. Unless that person has something constructive or productive to say, ignore them. Do not give them any more of your time.  More importantly, do not let them stop you from chasing your dreams, let it motivate you to prove them wrong.

I am going to keep chasing my dreams. What about you?

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