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What is a Fundathon?

The Chasing Dreams Fundathon is a 4-day evening Variety Show and fundraiser where we are trying to raise money towards our goal of $13,000 so that we can keep the Chasing Dreams podcast and its related initiatives on the air for an additional twelve (12) months. The Variety Show may be over, but we are still raising funds. Will you help us reach our goal?

Even if you can't or don't want to donate, and that's okay, you can watch our Variety Hour from each night.  It's going to be a blast! More information on the Variety Hour can be found on the Fundathon main page.

If you still have questions, be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Why are you doing a Fundathon?

For the past three (3) plus years, I have personally funded the podcast. As time has passed the podcast has grown as have our costs. The show has grown to the point that I am unable to continue funding it without assistance. I have found that the podcast has helped to inspire others and in turn, those inspired people are inspiring others. It is a powerful ripple effect that may be small to some but is doing its part to make the world a better place. I'm not one who enjoys asking for help, especially financial help from others. However, after much thought and prayer, I decided to embrace my fear of rejection, fear of disappointment, fear of criticism, and ask for help. Because I know what happens if I don't ask…Chasing Dreams will end in 2019. But what happens, if we do pull this off, well then there's hope. =).

But why specifically a Fundathon? I’ve tried pursuing sponsorships and we currently are using Patreon, but a number of people have come to me and said they are more comfortable with giving a one-time donation versus a monthly recurring donation.

Before I began Chasing Dreams, I did a GoFundMe to raise the money to get the equipment and services needed to get the podcast off the ground. I was blown away by the support financially and through the words of encouragement, I received. I was thinking about how radio shows have put on sharathons and fundraisers to cover their expenses and thought why can’t I try that. So here we are!

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How will the money be used?

Great question! In the beginning, I tried to keep costs down by doing almost everything myself on the podcast. As time moved forward, my personal responsibilities increased, and the show grew, I began to outsource some of the podcast-related work out to people who are good at editing and writing. After our first year, I wanted to do more to help my fellow dream chasers. I began to record video, creating graphics, doing live streams. That resulted in me beginning to build my own team of individuals who want to help people by using their own talents and dreams. We have work done in four (4) continents (North America, South America, Africa, and Europe). But I don’t make money off of the podcast and so these amazing folks are paid out of my pocket.

I could go back to doing all the editing and work myself, but that would be going backward and no one should do that. This podcast and I have come a LONG way and I would rather stop the show than revert to lower quality when I know we can do better.

So the money will go towards a number of behind the scenes monthly expenses like audio editing, show notes, podcast hosting, and web hosting. It will go towards supporting the dream chasers on my team who work tirelessly to help create content to inspire you.

Most of these costs are recurring costs on a monthly basis, which is why our goal is $13K. It is intended to cover twelve (12) months of expenses. The above is by no means all of the expenses that the donations will cover, but it is the goal I've set to keep us going for the next year. The expenses will change and grow as the podcast continues to evolve.

It is our hope that we'll get enough funding for twelve (12) months. But if we don't, it is my intention to keep the show going for as long as we can. How long will depend on a number of factors and questions that I'll need to consider, like do we do more video content, do we solely focus on the audio podcast, can we make a digital resource to help our fellow dream chasers.

The bottom line though is that the money is not going to be used for my personal gain. It will be dedicated to helping to inspire, empower, and educate people to chase their dreams. What form that comes in is what I will need to figure out.

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Can I donate via cash or check?

Yes, but I still need you to complete the donation form. As you go through the form, please select “Offline donation” and follow the instructions to send your donation to my mailbox. 

Can I donate via Paypal?

Yes! While the preference is to go through Stripe, for those who are more comfortable using Paypal, you are more than welcome to do so. The instructions are slightly different. . Please complete the donation form below and select “Offline Donation“. Ignore the instructions for sending a check to my P.O. Box.  You can send the money to my business via PayPal at accounts@aimeej21.com. Thank you for your support and wanting to find a way to help!

Can I donate via Venmo?

Yes, but I still need you to complete the donation form. Please complete the donation form below and select “Offline Donation“. Ignore the instructions for sending a check to my P.O. Box. You can then Venmo your donation to me. My username is @aimeej21. Thank you for your support and wanting to find a way to help!

Can I donate via the Cash App?

Yes, but I still need you to complete the donation form. Please complete the donation form below and select “Offline Donation“. Ignore the instructions for sending a check to my P.O. Box. You can then use the Cash App to send your donation to me. My $Cashtag is $aimeej21.  Thank you for your support and wanting to find a way to help!

Can I get a tax-deductible receipt?

No, I’m sorry. Aimee J., LLC is not a non-profit and cannot provide you with a tax-deductible receipt.

Can I make my donation recurring?

Not at this time. This is the first fundation I am putting together and I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. Let’s see where we are next year and I’ll look into it adding that capability.

Can I donate from outside the US?

Yes. However, you should know that the donation will be in US dollars. We tried to get a currency converter, but it did not work in the end.

That being said, people have been able to donate from outside the US.

What are the giving tiers?

Please understand that every dollar matters and is appreciated.

The tiers are two-fold. One, in case I am able to give different thank you gifts, based on your donation. At the moment, everyone gets one thank you gift. The idea of the Fundathon is not to raise money that will go straight to gifts. However, by making these notations now, it will help down the road with the back-end.

Two, our original supporter wall is divided by these tiers. For consistency, I wanted to maintain it.

All that to say, please only give what you are able to give. Every dollar is important and it is the fact that you want to donate that means the world to me. Not the size of your donation. Truly.

What is the check box to cover transaction fees?

In order to process payments, there is a percentage fee taken by Stripe, the payment processor. You absolutely do not have to cover these fees.

If you do not want to help cover the fees, you do not have to do anything additional. The fees will automatically be deducted from your donation amount. Totally cool.

If you want to help cover the fees, then you need to check the box saying you'd like to help. When you check the box, the cost of the fees will be added to your donation amount. Let's say that you want to donate $60 ($5/month) to the Fundathon. When you check the box, at the bottom you will see that the total amount charged to your card will be $62.10, which breaks down to $60 (donation) + $2.10 (fees). By doing this, your entire donation can be used for Chasing Dreams activities.

When will I get my thank you gift?

If you selected a gift, you should receive it within a month. This all depends on the time it takes for manufacturing the gift, as most gifts are being made after the completion of the Fundathon. For all those receiving a gift, I will keep you apprised via your email.

What is the Donation Wall?

All donors, both named and anonymous, will have their “name” placed on the public donation wall. If you leave a comment that will also be shown publicly.

Regardless of how you donate, named or anonymously, please know that your donation amount will not be shown.

If you choose to donate anonymously, your information will not be shown to the public but will be accessible to Aimee from the back-end.

What happens in 2020?

Well, that will depend on how things go this year. =) I may have so much fun that we do it again. It’s hard to say. If anyone is interested in sponsoring the show, please reach out to sponsorship@aimeej21.com.

What happens if we don’t hit the goal?

I don’t have an answer for that immediately. It will depend on a number of factors. How far off from the goal were we, how long can we keep the show going on the funds we’ve raised, etc. My intention is to use the funds to take the podcast and our related activities as far as we can until the money runs out. There are a lot of variables though (what are we doing, any future projects to inspire others, what adjustments do we make, etc.) I will need to speak to a few people and mostly think and pray on it before any decision is made. I can say that you’ll know by July 2019. =)

What is a Variety Hour?

Thanks so much for asking! I am so excited for this, because it has just been a blast to prepare for. I'm bringing on some friends of the show and a musical guest each night of the Fundathon to chat on the Aimee J. Facebook page.

Barring technical difficulties, we're going to have some fun each night at 7pm EST for at least an hour. It will be a blast. Come join us!

More information on the line-up and details can be found on the Fundathon Main Page.

What if I can't/don't want to donate? How can I still help?

No problem! Please do not feel obligated to donate. Regardless of your reasons, it is okay. =) If you'd still like to help, I'd be glad to have you on board Team Aimee. There are a number of ways you can help.

  • Join us for the Variety Hour each night on Aimee J.'s Facebook page.
  • Leave an honest rating or review on iTunes, Google Play, or another podcast distributor you use to listen to Chasing Dreams.
  • Subscribe to the podcast!
  • Share the show or your favorite episode with someone else.
  • Encourage at least one person today to chase their dreams.
  • Chase your own dreams 🙂
Why not make money some other way?

It is not for the lack of trying. I haven’t found a sponsor and we do currently have a Patreon, but I’m not sure it fits our audience. Also, I’d like to give more of the bonus content to everyone and not just a subset of people. It just hasn't raised the money we need to keep our mission going.

We are looking into other options, like selling merchandise, selling air time for ads, but this is my potential solution to address an immediate need.

If you’d like to sponsor the show, I’m open to discussing it with you. =) Please reach out to sponsorship@aimeej21.com.

What if I have a question that wasn’t answered here?

Please send me an email at fundathon@aimeej21.com.

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