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Aimee knows what it’s like to feel stuck. Even with a master’s in computer science and working hard to end up with a dream job as a NASA engineer – she still felt something was missing. As a first-generation Indian American, Aimee felt a lot of pressure — both external and internal — to make the most of her parent’s decision to immigrate to the US.

After leaving her NASA job, she began to build the life that she wanted and discovered that living true to her authentic self does honor her family’s legacy. Today, Aimee lives life on her terms as a podcaster, speaker and helping others achieve their dreams.

Popular Keynotes

Playing Outside Convention

Aimee gets it. As a first-generation Indian American, she knows what it’s like to feel stuck in someone else’s expectations. She accomplished all that she set out to accomplish — became a NASA engineer and an attorney — but she didn’t feel fulfilled.

In this 25 minute message, Aimee shares how she broke free from the convention and charted her own path. She’ll give you the steps you need to discover your authentic self while still remaining true to your family’s legacy.

4 Steps to Make Empowered Choices

Breaking the mold and making your own choices can feel paralyzing and down right impossible. Aimee draws from her own experiences to lay out 4 Steps to Make Empowered Choices.

The real-world, practical advice she provides applies to anyone who feels trapped by the expectations that are placed on them.

Her style is so approachable that I didn't feel bad when I realized that a presentation I was working on was about a clear as mud! Aimee provided clarity, direction and helped me make my presentation SHINE!
Dr. Phyllis Hubbard, BCND
Director, Health and Healing Strategies, Campaign for Black Male Achievement

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Online Trainings

As a masterful trainer and facilitator, Aimee helps and inspires audiences to succeed and in any setting – in person or online.

Ongoing Consulting

After the keynote is complete, have Aimee continue to work with your organization to help with ongoing coaching and consulting.

Master Classes

Go deep and have your people engage with Aimee around a deep dive into a specific topic or domain.

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