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Want to be a Guest on Chasing Dreams with Aimee J.?

Each one of us is a dream chaser and there are so many inspiring stories to be shared. Aimee J. would love to be able to share everyone's story, but unfortunately, it is not feasible.  As a result, we've had to take a closer look at our mission and put guidance put in place to help us find the stories that align with our mission. Take a look below and if you believe your story, lesson, or message fits, please reach out to us at team@aimeej21.com

NOTE:  At this time we are not taking guests whose dream chase story is primarily focused on business or entrepreneurship. There are plenty of podcasts that share those stories. Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. is not one of them. However, if you feel that business and entrepreneurship is not the focus of your story, please keep reading.

12 Areas of Focus for your Life

We believe there are 12 areas in a dream chaser's life that impact not only their day-to-day but also their dream chase journey. The intention of Chasing Dreams is to focus on these 12 areas with the podcast. 

Physical Health

Taking care of your body and its health so that you are able to keep chasing your dreams day in and day out.


The people closest to you as you define it. This may be blood-related family members, but it can also be people you have no relation to.

Walk of Life

What is your calling? Often times in society, it's referred to as your career or profession, but it does not have to be what you're doing for money.

Mental Health

An important part of who you are that needs daily care just like your body. Let's normalize discussing mental health as much as physical health.


The people you surround yourself with who care for you. Similar to family, you define who are your friends.


What do you do for enjoyment in your life? This is also known to many as interests or hobbies. 

Financial Health

An area that isn't discussed or taught enough and a roadblock for many dream chasers.


How is your love life or romantic relationships?


Each of us is enough the way we are, but we can always grow and improve ourselves through learning and experiences.

Spiritual Health

Each of us hold our own spiritual and religious beliefs.


What does your professional network look like? Have you connected with those in your field/walk of life?


Your environment, where you live, where you work, where you spend time, etc plays a role in your development and growth.


Have a story that isn't primarily entrepreneurial, does not really fit in an area(s) above, but is motivational and inspirational to chasing your dreams? Then we want to hear your story.

Do you or someone you know have a story, lesson, or message to share in one of the above topics? If so, please reach out to Team Aimee J. We'd love to hear more.

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