Ep. 77: Daree Allen Nieves – Know Your Why and the Importance of Accountability

Welcome to a show that’s chock full of nuggets of wisdom from my guest, Daree Allen Nieves. Daree hosts the Kickin’ It With Daree podcast and is a speaker, certified life coach, and Authorpreneur Extraordinaire. She speaks on personal development topics in countless places to diverse audiences. Daree is the author of three books and she loves writing about and talking about what matters most in life. We discuss the writing process, achieving goals, setting values, and much more. Join us!

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Why you need an accountability partner

When it comes to achieving goals in business and in life, we all need support. Daree explains why you need an effective, positive support person who motivates you. We’re not talking about someone who is afraid to speak the truth, but a cheerleader who will always give it to you straight. How about you? Do you have an accountability partner?

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The important art of journaling

Do you journal? Daree says it was the earliest form of writing for her. She explains how it helps to “get things out” and purge your fierce emotions in a healthy way. Even if you can’t be consistent every single day, give journaling a try! Daree gives tips on how to start and how journaling can help you achieve your goals!

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Finding your WHY

Your WHY—it’s the reason you do what you do. It’s the driving force that gets you to your goals. As a writer, Daree explains the importance of setting values and knowing what you want to accomplish. Daree shares how she overcame insignificance and self-doubt to set out as a writer with a purpose. Finding your WHY will carry over into every area of your personal and professional life. 

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  • [1:15] What it’s like being on the “other” side of the podcast microphone
  • [2:10] Daree’s books: How and Where they came from
  • [6:25] Why technical writing is a “different” kind of writing
  • [8:15] Beginning as a writer, journaling at age 12—“getting things out”
  • [15:10] What Daree would say to her younger self
  • [19:05] Feedback from the book, speaking to girls, media literacy, and raising kids in today’s culture
  • [29:00] Does Daree have another book in her?
  • [31:00] Steps to take in writing a book: How is it done?
  • [39:10] What is your WHY?
  • [41:23] One specific action for a dream chaser
  • [44:20] Daree’s special offers for listeners


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