Ep. 74: Yann Ilunga – First Podcast Success Summit, Now Podcast Success Academy

Yann Ilunga is a podcaster and strategist (all the way from Helsinki, Finland) who helps entrepreneurs and marketers expose and leverage podcasts to build authority, generate more leads, and increase sales. He is the founder of the Podcast Success Academy and the host of FIVE podcasts. Yes, that was FIVE podcasts! Yann readily admits that he “eats, sleeps, and breathes podcasts.” His latest, The Podcaster Lab, discusses podcasting with a brand new format and an exclusive look at strategies and experiments for audience growth, marketing, and monetization. Whether you’re an old pro or a newcomer to the podcasting world, you don’t want to miss this inspirational conversation with Yann; we are kicking off 2017 in a BIG way! Join us now!

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Combining what you KNOW with what you LOVE

Yann’s educational background is in journalism and communications. After college, he wasn’t exactly sure how he would use his skills, but he knew he would be in some form of public speaking. As Yann discovered his first podcast, he realized how he could combine his passion and his academic background, leverage his connections, and launch out into the world of digital marketing. Before long, he had created the Podcast Success Summit, a live event that brought together 80 speakers over 25 consecutive days. The Summit has now become an annual digital event. Check out his website to learn details about this year’s event!

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Finding time for MORE than just work

We all have WORK to do, but how do we juggle it all? How do we balance everything to have time for what we care about? It all comes down to goals. Yann shares great advice about setting goals—and reaching them! His perspective on goal-setting is that goals are “the steps between where I am today and where I want to be.” Break down a big goal or dream into smaller sub-steps. You can do it!

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Do you celebrate your WINS? Can you “comfortably” step outside your COMFORT ZONE? Yann gives three steps to follow when you hear new strategies: Test them, Track them, and Tweak them. You can apply his advice to ANY dream and take ACTION today! Don’t be afraid to test, to jump, to experiment, and take the risk.

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  • [1:05] Yann’s background and his BIG plans for 2017
  • [4:20] Combining academic background with passion
  • [5:25] Yann and his FIVE languages
  • [6:50] Why FIVE podcasts?
  • [9:50] The Podcast Success Summit and other podcast endeavors
  • [15:50] Balance and goal-setting
  • [26:07] Three steps for incorporating new strategies
  • [30:00] How you can apply Yann’s advice to ANY dream


Yann on Facebook

Yann on Facebook

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Website: www.yannilunga.com

Website: www.podcastsuccessacademy.net (Coming Soon!)


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