Ep. 33: Carrie Olsen – Voicing Your Dreams Come True

When it comes to following your dreams, Carrie Olsen is a true inspiration. From a young age, Carrie listened to cartoons and was drawn to the process of voicing those characters. In her career in human resources, Carrie found herself voicing online trainings and truly tapping into a passion. From there, she pursued voiceover work and eventually made it a lucrative full time career. Carrie shares with Aimee what it’s like to connect to your passion and go after it with everything you’ve got. From the hard work to the rewards you reap, she shares why it’s all worth it to do what you love.

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Being aware of your limitations while trying to expand your range.

Voiceover artists work hard – and they don’t just “talk” for a living. Carrie shares why being a voiceover artist takes much more than just your voice to be successful. She discusses how she learned about the industry and immersed herself in the world of voiceover talent in order to absorb as much insight as she could. From listening to podcasts like The Go For It Show to connecting with a coach that could take her to the next level, Carrie was committed to honing her skills and being at the top of her game.

Become a student of all of the voiceovers around you.

Learning about the voiceover industry is essential. According to Carrie, this is the key to succeeding and making it a long-term career. She shares how you can get started without spending a fortune on trainings and equipment. Carrie discusses how you can be a student of the voiceovers that are all around you – from commercials to cartoons to podcasts and beyond. When you’re ready to make it a career, it’s all about practicing, learning, and persevering no matter what.

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Catching up to your dreams.

When Carrie connected with her coach, Alyson Steele, she was ready to make voiceover her career. She didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. Within 3 weeks of getting started, Carrie landed her first radio campaign. Because things moved so quickly, Carrie found herself catching up to her dreams, which is a great thing. Her passion for voiceover work combined with her love of teaching led to the creation of the Voiceover Success Intensive, which helps guide voiceover students through the process of turning this into a career. Carrie shares what it’s like to work with students and the rewards that come with seeing them land their first jobs. She also discusses some tips and remedies that help her keep her voice conditioned for full time work.

Be persistent and don’t get discouraged.

As she closes out her chat with Aimee J., Carrie shares advice for fellow dream chasers who are ready to pursue their passion. Her number one tip? Be persistent. Carrie shares why it’s important to keep going, no matter what, and to never get discouraged. Like anything, making voiceover a career takes a lot of hard work. For Carrie, the hard work paid off – big time. She offers some insight into how you can make it happen in your own life. Carrie also shares some “bucket list” items for her career and how she manages to balance it all – being a mom and having a busy career. It’s clear that, in Carrie’s case, hard work and perseverance paid off – and it can for you too.

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  • [1:22] Introduction of Carrie Olsen.
  • [2:44] How Carrie discovered her interest in voiceover work.
  • [3:18] When did you realize voiceover work could be your career?
  • [5:08] The first voiceover work Carrie did and how it felt to see the work come to life.
  • [6:14] Combining her love of teaching with her passion for voiceover work.
  • [7:39] The role of having a coach or mentor in developing your voice over talent.
  • [9:21] Landing a job doing voiceover work for Kmart.
  • [10:37] An overview of the flow of voiceover work.
  • [13:04] The craziest place Carrie has recorded.
  • [15:50] The role of age in getting voiceover work.
  • [18:36] Some surprises about the voiceover industry.
  • [21:38] Transitioning into a full time voiceover actor.
  • [24:31] The minimum investment if you want to start doing voiceover.
  • [27:40] The associations for voiceover work as a career.
  • [28:46] What’s on your bucket list for voiceover work?
  • [30:51] Is this what you expected it to be before you got into it?
  • [32:02] Why Carrie decided to start the Voiceover Success Intensive.
  • [34:07] What career options are out there for voiceover work?
  • [34:57] Carrie’s opinion of the movie “In a World”.
  • [36:56] How Carrie finds a balance in her life with her career and family.
  • [41:32] One piece of advice for fellow dream chasers.
  • [43:52] How to connect with Carrie.


Be persistent. Be committed to improving. Keep working towards your goals. Keep practicing training; give yourself time to get there. Don’t get discouraged. It’s all about perseverance and working hard.



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TWEET: Being aware of your own limitations, but always working on growing your skillset, on this episode of #ChasingDreams

TWEET: Following your dreams and being persistent, on this episode of #ChasingDreams

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