Ep. 25: Joe Pardo – Dreamers Podcast

Following your dreams even when the deck is stacked against you.

If being a dream chaser was easy, everyone would do it. In Aimee's chat with Joe Pardo of The Dreamers Podcast, she finds out how Joe pursued his dreams in spite of the many things standing in his way. With a passion for helping others that goes back to early childhood, Joe knew his life’s purpose would be in that area. However, a multi-million dollar family business and high expectations to maintain a connection to it prevented Joe from following those dreams for many years. Joe discusses the importance of letting go of what you can’t control in order to pave the way for a dream chaser’s life. Even though there were many naysayers along the way, Joe pressed forward and created a life that’s all about helping others.

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The difficulty of leaving the family business and choosing the road less travelled.

The obvious choice for Joe – at least to outsiders – was to work at the successful family business. That was the easy path; that was what was expected of him. The problem? That’s now what made Joe happy. Joe shares the difficulty of owning his dreams and breaking with tradition – no matter what anyone else said. Although Joe had the support of his grandparents from a very early age, things weren’t so easy with the rest of his family. Because Joe knew in his heart that his dreams were worth chasing, he opted out of his family business in early 2014 and followed his dreams with everything he had. Joe discusses the fear and uncertainty that comes with pursuing your passions and why it’s worth every sacrifice.

Facing your fears when you go after what you want in life.

Dream chasing comes with sacrifice; with hard work; and with overcoming doubt. Joe shares the importance of facing your fears when you decide to go “all in” in pursuit of your dreams. Trying things outside of your comfort zone certainly falls under the “fear facing” category, which Joe explains is another key to finding your way to happiness. As Joe found his way to the dream life he wanted, he managed to develop multiple businesses, podcasts, a business school, and eventually wrote 2 books. He explains how he juggles it all and still leaves room for new dreams for the future.

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The inspiration behind Joe’s 2 books and how he brought them to life.

From an early age, Joe knew he wanted to help others. His earliest dream was to become a child psychologist. As he allowed that dream to evolve into the life he’s created for himself, his desire to help people never left him. Joe understood the value of sharing his passion with others and the rewards that would come with it. He was inspired to write 2 books that helped him connect with a broader audience and, therefore, help even more people. His books, entitled 31 Life-Changing Concepts and How to Dream Big and Win quickly became passion projects that helped Joe spread the word about his work.

Pursuing multiple dreams and how they all work together.

When you find your passion, your purpose, your dream, it’s not uncommon for those things to continue to evolve. With this evolution may come new dreams, which should by all means be pursued. According to Joe, once he discovered that he had multiple dreams, it was pretty clear that they all worked together to build the life he’s always wanted. By not setting limits, it’s possible to find many ways to share your dreams with others. At the close of his chat with Aimee J., Joe shares his advice for fellow dream chasers and explains what’s next for him.

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  • [0:54] Introduction of Joe Pardo of The Motivational Dreamers Podcast.
  • [3:20] Aimee J. and Joe discuss how they met at Podcast Movement.
  • [4:47] Joe’s first impression of Aimee J.
  • [6:40] Joe’s passion for Disney and helping others.
  • [8:30] The importance of letting go of what you can’t control in life.
  • [10:13] Joe’s message to others about dreaming in life.
  • [10:41] The difficulty of leaving his family business in order to follow his dreams.
  • [11:52] The support Joe had from his grandparents in pursuit of his dreams at a very young age.
  • [12:28] The role his family played in propelling Joe into the life he desired.
  • [13:34] Discussing how Joe’s dreams for the future evolved through the years.
  • [14:42] Seeing our childhood dreams play out through adulthood.
  • [16:25] Connecting with your dreams, even when it’s not in your original “plan”.
  • [17:49] Why did Joe wait until 2014 to leave his family’s business?
  • [19:05] Dealing with the expectations of others when pursuing dreams they don’t expect.
  • [20:43] Joe’s decision to quit school as he moved towards his goals.
  • [23:10] Facing your fears when you go after what you want in life.
  • [26:56] Joe discusses his business and how he juggles everything.
  • [30:19] The importance of trying things outside of your comfort zone.
  • [31:39] Joe shares insight into the inspiration behind writing his 2 books.
  • [35:27] Discussing sponsorships and business plans.
  • [35:54] The role of the Dreamers Podcast in other areas of Joe’s life.
  • [37:18] Pursuing multiple dreams and how they all work together.
  • [40:24] How all of Joe’s pursuits have come together to create the life he dreamed of.
  • [42:26] Is Joe happy with his life right now?
  • [45:05] Joe’s advice for fellow dream chasers.
  • [47:54] Turning dreams into memories.
  • [49:35] Joe discusses what’s currently in the works for him.
  • [50:05] Joe’s recommendation for fellow dream chasers.
  • [54:30] Aimee’s shares her recommendation of Joe’s podcast.


“A hard deal is a bad deal.”


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TWEET: Why it’s important to let go of what you can’t control. Find out more on this week’s #ChasingDreams

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