Ep. 238: Aimee J. – I’m Claiming 2021!!

Welcome to 2021! It promises to be a wild ride! If 2020 left you feeling less than successful in your dream chase, then you can’t miss today’s show!

I’m claiming 2021 as my own. I’m listing ten things I’m doing to make that happen. You can follow these steps as I count them down to make YOUR 2021 a year of progress and accomplishment.

Top Ten Ways to Claim 2021 for yourself:

  • 10- Decide for yourself what you want in life.
  • TWEET: I was conditioned by my culture to go in directions that didn’t fulfill me. Don’t be like I was. #chasingdreams
  • 9- Visualize your dreams and   goals.
  • TWEET: Plan out what you want to see and when you want to see it happen. #chasingdreams
  • 8- Step outside your comfort zone.
  • TWEET: Don’t live in fear, but open up to new possibilities. #chasingdreams
  • 7- Create SMART goals for yourself.
  • TWEET: SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. #chasingdreams
  • 6- Identify your reason and your WHY.
  • TWEET: Your WHY is your motivator, fuel, and your reason to keep going. #chasingdreams
  • 5- Practice an attitude of gratitude.
  • TWEET: Gratitude will change your outlook to focus on the positives. #chasingdreams
  • 4- Find your accountability support group.
  • TWEET: Get a coach or mentor, or find like-minded people who will support you. #chasingdreams
  • 3- Be intentional.
  • TWEET: This is my theme for 2021; it’s about the dream chase and its progress. #chasingdreams
  • 2- Value progress over perfection.
  • TWEET: Take the first step; don’t wait for things to be perfect. #chasingdreams
  • 1- Take action.
  • TWEET: Make choices that align with your goals. #chasingdreams          


  • [2:18] Make your own decisions
  • [4:29] Visualize your dreams and goals
  • [5:40] Step outside your comfort zone
  • [7:25] Write down your SMART goals
  • [8:57] Identify your reason and WHY
  • [10:20] Practice an attitude of gratitude
  • [11:18] Find your accountability support group
  • [12:34] Be intentional
  • [14:30] Value progress over perfection
  • [16:34] Take action


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You have to decide what you want and not rely on what other people tell you. #chasingdreams

Stepping outside your comfort zone gives you more options. #chasingdreams

To align my goals, I have to say NO to some things. #chasingdreams

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