Ep. 233: Lynnette Phillips – Empower Your Possibilities

My guest today proves that you’re never “too far in” to make a pivot and chase your dreams. Even a dream job with a world-renowned company can leave you feeling unfulfilled if you aren’t living in the authenticity of what you were meant to do. Join us to hear her inspiring story.

Lynnette Phillips is a passionate leader, certified LPS facilitator, speaker, author, and live-your-best-life enthusiast. Having worked almost two decades with the Walt Disney Company, one of the world’s most recognized brands, Lynnette combines the art of storytelling with the magic-making of hospitality. Through the years, Lynnette enhanced her practical experience at the Walt Disney World Resort with a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Executive Coaching from Regent University. In 2019 Lynnette co-authored It’s Possible: A Dreamers Manifesto to Overcome Opposition, a collection of inspirational stories of overcoming obstacles. When away from work and the world of clients, Lynnette is grateful for time spent reading, cooking, traveling, or creating the most magical memories with her husband and children.

Empower Your Possibility”

How do you approach new things? Lynnette named her coaching business Empower Your Possibility because she is passionate about each challenge that comes her way. There is no “wrong” experience to have. Everything you try is a new opportunity to make something happen, which is the meaning behind the word empower. Each of us has the responsibility to serve others, so Lynnette teaches her clients to find their purpose because someone out there is waiting on you to fulfill your dream. Others are depending on you! Someone needs your school of thought and what you’ve prepared to do through every up and down on your life’s path so far.

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A 17-year journey

If you worked for a company that is the “dream employer” for many people around the world, would you have the courage to leave? This was the dilemma for Lynnette. She signed up for a six-month internship with the Walt Disney Company at age 21, and she fell in love with the entire experience. She opened new resorts, managed project initiatives, and ran departments. The company allowed her to grow and develop other leaders and then move to make her pivot. After 17 years with Disney, she was at an intersection when COVID-19 showed up and furloughed her. The journey into coaching allowed her to explore additional ways to serve others more fully. Lynnette took what she calls a “purposeful pause” to fully commit to the pivot, and the driving force behind the pivot was knowing that her life still held unexplored territory.

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Doing it on her own terms

Are you stuck in things that don’t bring you joy? Lynnette says to look at the things you are really good at doing and move outside the things that don’t bring joy. Focus on your self-development to create a new reality. Lynnette wants to conquer the new opportunities and possibilities available to her as she explores life. With every breath, she looks for new ways to show up and serve others. You don’t have to give up certain things to ensure that your dreams come true. Lynnette hasn’t given up anything to do what she loves, but she’s living the most authentic and connected version of herself in pure joy.

TWEET: Look at the things you are really good at doing and move outside the things that don’t bring joy. @lynnettetphillips #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take–”Don’t take for granted the notes you’ve taken throughout your life. Go back and revisit those ideas to see what might be there for you.”


  • [:25] Young Lynnette’s dreams
  • [3:40] Every experience is a new opportunity
  • [6:50] A sexy question
  • [8:30] Lynnette’s journey with Disney
  • [15:41] The secret to knowing what to do next
  • [22:20] Testing out something new
  • [25:00] The pressure to imitate someone else
  • [29:14] Going against the grain
  • [33:16] Doing it on her own terms
  • [36:48] A joy that others can see
  • [42:15] ONE action for a dream chaser


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I learned to pivot before it became the cool word of 2020. @lynnettetphillips #chasingdreams

I took a purposeful pause to commit fully to the pivot I was making. @lynnettetphillips #chasingdreams

Happiness is fleeting, but joy is finding the purpose even in the pain. @lynnettetphillips #chasingdreams

With every breath in my body, I want to look for new ways to show up and serve others. @lynnettetphillips #chasingdreams

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