Ep. 227: Erin Hatzikostas – The Power of Authenticity

We are all drawn to authentic people. We appreciate the inspiration and empowerment that spillover from those who dare to live authentic lives. Today’s show will encourage you to boot those limiting beliefs to the curb and live a life of authentic connection as you chase your dreams. 

Erin Hatzikostas spent her career “first half” working in the corporate world, where at the age of 42, she became the CEO of a $2 billion healthcare financial institution. In just three years, she tripled earnings and sent employee engagement skyrocket.

Just when things were booming, she decided to walk away so that she could help solve what truly breaks her heart: the immense lack of authenticity and happiness in Corporate America.

Through her company, b Authentic inc, Erin is provoking authenticity and enabling an army of people to crush their careers without compromising everything else.

Erin is a career coach, prolific speaker, and edutainer. She also co-hosts an offbeat career and leadership podcast called b CAUSE with Erin & Nicole.

The “sucky songs” we sing

What are the hurdles to being authentic? Erin says the common thread is the “sucky songs” we tell ourselves. That’s her way of identifying the limiting beliefs and deep-rooted negativity that stop us. These beliefs may make sense in our minds, but they don’t feel right. Erin digs into these hurdles with clients to make them understand how they can inspire others. She teaches that inspiration is not a “river that runs in only one direction,” meaning that your authenticity can inspire those above AND below you.

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A new authenticity

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your authenticity? We see a new wave of authenticity as we interact with our bosses and coworkers in new and different ways than before. Erin says the challenge when we get through the pandemic will be in keeping the good parts of the new authentic environment and not slipping back into old habits, and she believes these changes will ultimately benefit women in the workplace. She gives examples of connections she’s made over Zoom during quarantine that wouldn’t have come about under normal circumstances. Erin reminds us that we have to plug into other people’s authenticity while realizing that our own version of authenticity is always changing. Keep in mind that it’s in discomfort that we grow the best.

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Your brand of authenticity

How do you figure out what YOUR authenticity is? Erin says we need to listen to who and what other people say we are. Family background also plays into the development of our authenticity in growing our core values and discerning our purpose. Erin breaks it down by using the fourfold Japanese concept of ikigai, which shows what you’re good at, what you love to do, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for. She reminds us that doing what you love and getting paid don’t have to be mutually exclusive; they can be correlated. 

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Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take–”Get curious. Just start with one thing.”


  • [1:59] How Erin became authentic
  • [7:42] The struggle to be authentic
  • [10:20] Inspiration comes from many directions
  • [11:33] How we’re connected as human beings
  • [14:48] The aftermath of COVID, growth, and new mindsets
  • [19:40] Why we have to ask questions
  • [20:57] What your authenticity is
  • [24:15] What it means to be authentic
  • [27:40] How to change–at any age
  • [31:59] ONE action for a dream chaser
  • [32:03] Get to know Erin better


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Development demands discomfort. @ErinHatzikostas @b_authentic_inc #chasingdreams

At the end of the day, what inspires people is how you live out your authenticity. @ErinHatzikostas @b_authentic_inc #chasingdreams

COVID-19 has been a tailwind for authenticity. @ErinHatzikostas @b_authentic_inc #chasingdreams

You don’t have to choose between doing what you love and getting paid for it. @ErinHatzikostas @b_authentic_inc #chasingdreams

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