Ep. 217: Lulu Picart & Alison Burns – This Is A Good One

We’re kicking off March, Women’s History Month, with two amazing women. They followed their passion and created an innovative podcast around the question, “What would you do right now if you had $10,000?”

Alison Burns and Lulu Picart host the comedy podcast, 10K Dollar Day, which can be described as imaginary luxury travel comedy. They also coach students of all ages at Find Your Light Coaching. Lulu is an actor, director, writer, singer, and doggy mom. Alison is a comedian, actress, singer, lyricist, choreographer, wife, and mom. She’s an award-winning musical theatre performer and a huge Gordon Ramsey fan. 

Not the same old podcast

If you started a podcast, what would it be? When Alison and Lulu lived together outside NYC and worked in the theatre industry, they occupied themselves on the long commute by fantasizing about living in the lap of luxury. This pastime became the basis for their podcast that’s crammed full of comedy and improvisation. They research each place they “visit,” picking them independently, never knowing where the other person is “going.” Then they spend the podcast revealing the ways they would spend $10K in one day of imaginary luxury travel. They love finding odd places and dreaming of crazy luxury items that most people could never afford. The podcast also includes discussions of their latest obsessions, along with their giveaway to highlight specific charities. The podcast is creative, positive, imaginative, and is full of fun, laughter, and friendship. Give it a try!

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Pursuing opportunities

Many women feel like being a wife and mother is all there is to life, like, who could ever find time to do more? These two girls are careful not to put limits on their dreams, even though they are polar opposites when it comes to manifesting their dreams and visions in putting them “out there.” Most women are afraid that they will be called selfish if they do what makes them happy. Alison and Lulu are both passionate about making sure the opportunities they pursue are things that sustain them. 

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Passing it on

Are you good at passing on your knowledge and expertise? Alison and Lulu love the coaching opportunities they have with students aged 6-60’s in several Broadway shows and tours. Although some of their students are professional actors pursuing their careers, they work with many young kids and not-so-young adults who are wanting to try new things and learn new skills. Some of their young students are trying new things as they try to find their passion in life. Just getting on a stage in front of an audience helps build confidence that helps open new doors in every area of life. 

TWEET: Being in front of an audience helps build confidence and brings new opportunities in life. @LuLuPicart @_alisonburns #chasingdreams


  • [1:12] How Alison and Lulu first met
  • [2:33] How the podcast idea was born
  • [11:03] Their obsessions, charities, and desire for fun
  • [14:34] The positive journey that podcast listeners can join
  • [15:47] Other endeavors for Alison and Lulu
  • [18:43] Polar opposites in many ways
  • [21:45] Advice to others who need to redefine themselves
  • [24:57] Deciding what’s next
  • [29:30] The coaching business
  • [34:05] When people doubt themselves
  • [38:28] Get to know Alison and Lulu better


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We want people to leave each episode having fun and laughing. @LuLuPicart @_alisonburns #chasingdreams

We wanted to be consistent creators of something together on a regular schedule, like a podcast. @LuLuPicart @_alisonburns #chasingdreams

Ultimately, it’s your life. It’s OK to be a little selfish. @LuLuPicart @_alisonburns #chasingdreams

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