Ep. 214: Jacquelynn Peterson – Build the Gateway to Your Dream Life

I hope your 2020 is off to a great start! This is a great time to talk about tips for the new year regarding a vitally important concept: your mindset. Having a positive mindset and exercising optimistic determination are key elements in chasing your dream. We’re jumping into these topics and more with today’s inspirational guest. 

Jacquelynn Peterson is a 20-year corporate veteran who has turned into a joy and purpose advocate. She knows just how exhausting and painful it is to live someone else’s dream and slave away at work that doesn’t excite you while not knowing where your life is really headed. As a child of Vietnamese immigrant parents, getting good grades, going to college, and getting a good job was her prescription for success. With that in mind, Jacquelynn climbed the corporate ladder for 20 years, from entry-level to six-figure positions. Even at the height of her career, she still wasn’t fulfilled or excited about the direction of her life. A miraculous turn occurred when she defied all logic to find clarity on her life vision while at rock bottom. She went from drifting aimlessly through her life and career, incurring $150K+ in debt, and enduring a struggling marriage to achieving financial freedom, a strong marriage, and finding a way to do what she loves. Now she’s helping others find clarity on their life vision so they can start living the life they are meant to live with purpose, joy, and direction. 

A focus on mindset

What events have happened to focus attention on your mindset? For most people, going through difficult times and personal struggles are the impetus to turn their mindset around. In Jacquelynn’s case, it was an accumulation of personal life experiences that turned her focus inward. She came from a divorced family and was the only girl among six children of her Asian-immigrant father who always worked multiple jobs. As she was left home with her stepmother and brothers, Jacquelynn figured out how life worked and how she could use self-talk to get through rough days. Through TV shows, she observed life and learned how to interact with others. It was this background that spawned her love of human psychology and human behavior.

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Building positive self-talk

How do your thoughts make you feel? Do you ever hear that negative voice telling you that you aren’t good enough and that you’ll never accomplish your dreams? Jacquelynn uses the personal example of launching into a new field in which the “little voice” tells you that your experience is inadequate and that you’ll never succeed. You have to differentiate between facts and your assumptions. Jacquelynn says that if you’re going to make assumptions, then assume things that are positive and will serve you well in positive ways. It takes intentional practice to exercise your mind to gravitate toward positive thoughts about yourself. 

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Defying logic

When have you defied human logic in your life? Jacquelynn found herself without a job and in massive debt, but she still didn’t let those factors stop her from moving into her dreams. She kept thinking about what she wanted to do with excitement and enthusiasm, and she knew that these consistent great feelings about her dreams would eventually lead to something wonderful. With meditation and visualization, Jacquelynn focused on clarifying and defining the vision of her dream business. It wasn’t long before magical things fell into her lap and inspired her to take action.

TWEET: Focus on clarifying and defining the vision of your dream business. #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take–”Take the time to find clarity on your vision and the ideal life for YOU.”


  • [:45] Young Jacquelynn’s dreams
  • [2:42] Why Jacquelynn became focused on mindset
  • [6:09] What is self-talk?
  • [7:46] How we fight negative self-talk
  • [13:49] The jump from finance to mindset
  • [18:33] Acting on the revelation
  • [21:16] The key is to just relax
  • [24:16] The power in changing your perspective
  • [27:17] Recommendations to chase your dream
  • [32:06] Use your authentic vision
  • [33:06] Get to know Jacquelynn better
  • [37:32] ONE action for a dream chaser


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Over time and with practice, the negative voice will be drowned out by the positive. #chasingdreams

Self-talk goes on all the time, and many people aren’t even aware of it. #chasingdreams

I had to figure out how life worked on my own. #chasingdreams

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