Ep. 202: Kingsley – Leadership That Works

Leadership–it holds such power. It can be used from one extreme to the other in lifting someone to the highest level or tearing them down to the lowest low. We hear a lot about leadership, but we don’t hear much about the role that emotions play in leadership. We are diving into this topic today with someone who has wisdom to share. 

Kingsley Grant is a national and international motivational speaker, leadership consultant, trainer, licensed psychotherapist, adjunct professor, podcaster, and published author. His newest book is The Emotelligent Leader: Succeed Where Others Failed. Kingsley’s focus is on helping business and team leaders create environments that motivate, engage, and inspire people to do great work at all levels, which ultimately affects the bottom line. Kingsley is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, and The Goodman Project. 

It’s never too late

Is age holding you back from chasing a dream? Kingsley says it’s never too late in life to do what you want to do. He proved it by going to graduate school later in life, even though he was the oldest student in the classroom. Many successful people who have become household names accomplished their greatest feats in midlife years or later. It’s normal to have a fear of failure, but by the midlife years, people have more wisdom and knowledge about life. You can “get there” faster if you’re older. 

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Succeeding as a leader

Who are you leading? Many people are tempted to think they aren’t leaders, but there is always someone looking up to you or watching your life. Kingsley explains that a thermostatic leader gauges the temperature of those they are leading and sets the temperature for everyone. It’s important that a leader shows empathy and builds relationships with the people they lead. The key is to be a vulnerable leader and act human. A leader can’t be resistant to vulnerability or see it as a weakness.

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The next generation of leaders

How do we change the perspective on leadership? Kingsley sees his book as the impetus to create a movement. He wants to get people to buy into the idea of being an emotelligent leader who will recognize, understand, and manage emotions in ways to become more skilled at relationships and making judgments. It takes education and training for those who are willing to take Kingsley’s message to heart, live it, and spread it far and wide. 

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Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take–”Your dream won’t happen overnight. Surround yourself with the right people who will help move you along. Don’t go this journey alone.”


  • [:36] Get to know Kingsley
  • [6:10] Kingsley’s book, The Midlife Launch
  • [11:03] Why Kingsley doesn’t get bored
  • [12:00] The art of succeeding
  • [14:10] Being a thermostatic leader
  • [16:55] The important role of a leader
  • [18:43] The emotelligent leader and the brick wall
  • [20:45] The vulnerable leader
  • [23:20] Leadership as collaboration
  • [25:46] Changing the next generation of leaders
  • [29:02] Examples of emotelligent leaders
  • [32:10] IQ vs. EQ
  • [35:48] ONE action for a dream chaser
  • [38:08] Rapid fire questions


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TWEET: There is always someone looking up to you or watching what you do with your life. 

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