Ep. 199: Tiffany F. Southerland – How your Personal Story Can Fuel Progressional Success

One of the key components in chasing your dream is not to let yourself get distracted by the long-term vision or the successes that others may enjoy. Chasing YOUR dream means owning YOUR journey–however long that may be. 

Tiffany Southerland is a lawyer by training and a change agent at heart. As a career confidence coach and facilitator, she helps students and professionals leverage their stories and strengths so they can maximize their career success. Tiffany also hosts “How Does She Do It?” which is a podcast dedicated to sharing practical advice on the intersection of faith, personal growth, and professional development. Tiffany has been a featured TEDx speaker and has served as a panelist, moderator, speaker, and facilitator on topics including professional development, diversity and inclusion, career transitions, overcoming trauma, and balancing personal values and career goals.

Feeling the frustration

What drives your dream chase? Tiffany thinks back to a time when she was frustrated with her podcast back in March 2018. She wasn’t receiving any feedback and honestly didn’t think anyone was even listening. She questioned why she was even putting forth the effort, but then she realized she needed to shift her mindset. Her long-term vision stayed the same, but she had to change the way she viewed her target and the way she measured her success. Her advice is to adjust your lens, which can shift your perspective. Your vision is what keeps driving you.

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Take the risk

Are you a risk taker? Tiffany explains that progress requires a certain amount of risk, which is something she learned from a mentor. To grow, we have to risk failure—and those are the moments in which we learn. We have to take chances. Not taking risks is a way of hiding yourself from what might happen on the other side of the risk. Fear hardly ever materializes the way we build it up in our minds. Tiffany says that the reward will outweigh the risk.

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Your vision requires a choice

Are you ready to choose between your opportunities? Tiffany explains that a talented person will always have interesting opportunities, but at some point, a choice will have to be made. One thing or the other will begin to suffer. Tiffany recognizes that a decision will have to be made at some time in her future about which path she will follow, but one thing to guard against is comparing your path to someone else’s. Others may have success that we see, but we don’t see all the struggles and obstacles they have endured. She says, “We have to be mindful of creating our blueprint based on someone else’s building.”

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Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take: “Take one step every single day and don’t let the brightness of your vision distract you.”


  • [1:09] Catching up with Tiffany
  • [3:28] When you feel like detouring from your dream
  • [5:55] Maintaining your fire
  • [9:22] How to receive a compliment
  • [12:01] Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • [15:45] The fear of low results
  • [19:52] The impact of your authenticity
  • [21:41] Someone who has inspired Tiffany
  • [23:43] A mentor’s advice
  • [27:20] Don’t measure yourself by someone else
  • [31:19] You don’t see everything
  • [34:35] What’s next for Tiffany
  • [36:10] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: You need to be thankful and receive the compliments that come your way. @tiffsouth #chasingdreams

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