Ep. 192: Jonathan Jones – Speak Your Success

How can your example of chasing your dreams help someone else? It all comes down to the motivation we feel when we see someone else overcome challenges and succeed. My guest is here to tell us why the world needs YOUR success!

Jonathan Jones is a social entrepreneur, best-selling author, and TEDx speaker. Jonathan serves and supports students and millennial entrepreneurs who believe in self-investing, monetizing their message, and leaving a legacy. He has been featured on CBS News and has spoken to thousands of students ranging from elementary school to college. Jonathan is the host of the Speak Your Success podcast and the author of Process: 14 Surprisingly Simple Behaviors to Skyrocket Millennials to Success.

Dream it and obtain it!

Are your dreams unreachable? Jonathan would absolutely say NO! His message to students is, “If your dream is big enough for you to dream it, then there’s a way for you to obtain it!” He teaches that God doesn’t give us dreams and desires without the abilities AND capabilities to walk them out. Sometimes we have to remove the fears and the people who hold us back (sometimes that can be our parents!) so we can get to the other side of what God has for us.

TWEET: “If your dream is big enough for you to dream, then there’s a way for you to obtain it!” @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

Tell your story

Can your success give hope and confidence to others? Jonathan says that there are millions of people who need to see your victory. Hearing your story gives other people courage, and living in your victory helps others chase their dreams. This is why social media has the far-reaching impact that it does, and why people watch so many motivational videos. People want to feel good and be on the winning team. When they see other people achieve, they want to emulate and follow their example. Bare your soul and help others learn from you.

TWEET: “There are millions of people who need to see your victory.” @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

Try new things

Are you afraid to try new things? Some people live in constant fear of the unknown, so they never take the risk to try something new. When you try new things, you’re forced to cancel out the fear that holds you back in doing something unknown that might turn out to be a great opportunity. Figure out what you’re good at, and keep yourself exposed to the ideas you have about new things and the future, even if they aren’t grandiose ambitions. Jonathan says that even a small dream is worth pursuing!

TWEET: “Even a small dream is a dream worth pursuing.” @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take: “Take ONE step toward your goal today. Write it down because you’re more likely to achieve it that way.”


  • [:28] How Jonathan and I connected on social media
  • [1:45] Why Jonathan decided to be a motivational speaker
  • [3:40] Dream it and obtain it
  • [6:12] How mental health can be affected by fear
  • [7:12] Why others need to see your victory
  • [9:47] People want you to succeed
  • [11:52] Why people get caught up in social media and living other people’s lives
  • [16:26] Missing the moment
  • [18:50] How living in comparisons affects your mental health
  • [23:45] How we can slow the growth of cyberbullying
  • [27:49] The potential of new opportunities
  • [30:56] Even small dreams are worth pursuing
  • [33:14] Is it YOUR dream?
  • [37:14] What to do if you’re unsure or overwhelmed
  • [40:07] ONE action for a dream chaser


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Process: 14 Surprisingly Simple Behaviors to Skyrocket Millennials to Success by Jonathan Jones


TWEET: Your purpose is sometimes found on the other side of fear. @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

TWEET: I was a problem-solver at a young age for all my friends. @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

TWEET: Motivational speaking was never my goal, but impacting students has been a long-term goal. @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

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TWEET: Time is more valuable than money, especially when it’s time poured into a youth. @jonathanjSpeaks #chasingdreams

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