Ep. 181: Regine Roy – Time to Reclaim Your Throne

What are the “wins” you can look back on in your life? Can you see how to use those for motivation today? Join us for today’s show that focuses on empowerment, career development, and claiming your best life.

Regine Roy is a mental health consultant, speaker, and the president and founder of Queen Geniuses, Inc. Regine delivers a life-changing message to students and professionals about the power of choice on topics like self-assessment, friendships, family, and careers. She is an astute specialist with deep and insightful knowledge on how to create a life on your own terms.

A clear vision

How has your background factored into your life decisions? For Regine, her life path put her on the course to make a difference and be impactful in the world. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY, in a poor family of Caribbean immigrants. A social worker by trade, it was having incredible teachers and mentors in her life that helped her realize that she wanted to work with young women of color to be a positive representation, because so many are growing up in poverty without the resources they need to succeed. 

TWEET: Being a positive representation for young women of color can help them succeed with resources I never had! #chasingdreams

Benefits of having “wins”

What are your “wins”? Regine teaches that the wins over the course of your life can greatly impact your mindset. Those little moments of applause, recognition, and praise give you the acceleration to do MORE. On the flip side, when a young person hasn’t experienced those wins, then it becomes more difficult to push yourself as you get older. Regine recounts how applying for–and securing–her first college scholarship played a big role in her future success.

TWEET: Every win that you celebrate can propel you on to more wins and further acceleration. Praise someone. You have no idea what it will do for them. #chasingdreams

Use the “wins” for motivation today

Can you think back to some of your “wins” in early childhood? Regine can remember some of hers when she was a young girl in school–and people around her believed in her. The problem is that some people have trouble identifying the wins that can push them forward. This is one reason Regine created the Reclaiming Your Throne curriculum for training professionals and students. You never know the impact that just ONE teacher can have on students and their futures. Of course, we know that dreams and discipline are necessary for the future, but are you willing to do the work?

TWEET: You never know the impact that just ONE teacher can have on students and their futures. #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take–”Allow yourself to dream and think about the things that are important to you. Allow your mind to wander as far as you possible can.”


  • [:06} Regine’s undergraduate and Master’s degree years at Stony Brook University
  • [1:50] Queen Geniuses
  • [3:55] What Regine faces in teaching young girls and professionals
  • [5:40] Awareness of resources for young black women
  • [7:55] Regine’s observations about getting that first “win”
  • [12:50] Using wins for motivation now
  • [14:07] Why some don’t let small wins push them forward
  • [16:02] Taking the step to work with professionals
  • [20:35] The effect of ONE teacher
  • [23:13] Regine’s next plan
  • [25:05] How Regine is impacted
  • [28:38] Why people may not aim for their dreams
  • [31:20] Young people today and their dreams of money
  • [33:45] Skillsets needed to chase dreams
  • [36:30] How social media plays into how girls feel about their dreams
  • [39:22] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: I started the conference mainly to expose young women to the resources available to them. #chasingdreams

TWEET: You have to be empowered to have the confidence to take advantage of resources available to you. #chasingdreams

TWEET: My job is to hold space for others. #chasingdreams

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