Ep. 18: Tony Woodall – Goal Setting for your Dream Chase Success

Today’s guest is Tony Woodall. Tony is involved in so many different things, it’s really mind boggling. He’s a man of different talents. He’s an Electronic Content Management Specialist, a blogger, a speaker, a podcaster, and author of “The 9 Steps To Successful Goal Achievement: The How To Guide For Goal Setting Success!” One of Tony's first passions is helping people succeed and improve their careers and lives. He created a training program, “GoalGetting, Don't Just Set'em, Get'em” as a way to share the skills needed to set goals effectively, use techniques to change the negative, limiting beliefs and thoughts in the subconscious mind and turn them into goal-achieving, success-oriented, positive beliefs and thoughts that will allow you to Get The Goals You Set! You’ll enjoy this conversation. Tony’s a great guy!

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What are limiting beliefs and why are they so difficult to overcome?

Whether you’ve heard the term “limiting beliefs” or not, they’ve impacted your life to a great degree. To simply define the idea, limiting beliefs are the things you believe that are not true, but you live as if they are. The reason these beliefs are so powerful is because you accept them without question and they dictate what you will do, attempt, or follow through on. They’re incredibly difficult to overcome because you don’t see them. It takes a lot of work to recognize them, identify them, and begun “unprogramming” yourself from that wrong belief. Tony Woodall helps people overcome limiting beliefs all the time and he’s going to unpack the concept of overcoming them, on this episode of Chasing Dreams.

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To accomplish your goals you’ve got to be clear on WHAT it is you want to achieve.

And by clear, today’s guest means CRYSTAL CLEAR. So clear that you can write it down. Why is writing it down so important? Because if you can’t write it down, you won’t be dedicated to exactly what it is. You won’t be able to know when you’ve accomplished it. You won’t experience the exhilaration and confidence that comes with accomplishing your goal. But you’ve also got to determine some sort of realistic timeframe for achieving it. Notice the word “realistic” in there. You can’t make a goal to become a millionaire and tie it into a one week timeframe. You’ve got to be smart about it, setting a time limit that is both realistic but challenging. Tony Woodall is an expert on this stuff, so be sure you take a listen to his explanation of these vital aspects of goal setting.

After you know WHAT you’re going for, you’ve got to determine HOW you’re going to get it.

Some people call this an “action plan.” Others consider it to be the steps that make up the goal. No matter what you call it, you’ve got to systematically figure out how you’re going to move toward your goal. Doing this gives you tangible steps you can take, day by day, to move you toward the goal. It’s a great part of what will keep you motivated as you slog through the grind of getting things done. It’s an important aspect of seeing your goal come to fruition right before your eyes as you do things every day to make it happen. Without this vital piece, you’re sure to miss the goal altogether. Find out more on this episode as Aimee J chats with Tony Woodall about his “9 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement.”

The motivation piece of every goal: the WHY.

You remember the kid in your neighborhood who always asked, “Why?” Then when you told him, he asked, “Why?” again! You know, that kid was on to something important. Knowing exactly and clearly “why” you are going for the goal you are is the foundational thing that will keep you motivated every day as you do the hard work of overcoming obstacles, beating down roadblocks, and ignoring the negative voices so that you can reach that goal. When you have a clear “why” behind your goal you’re able to revisit it time and time again, as many times as it takes, to keep you motivated and on track. Be sure to hear what Tony Woodall has to say about this vital aspect of goal reaching, on this episode of Chasing Dreams with Aimee J.

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  • [0:48] Aimee’s introduction of Tony Woodall, blogger, speaker, author, podcaster.
  • [2:23] Why goals are so important… because dreams of often not defined.
  • [3:23] Why Tony was not “college material.”
  • [5:15] How did Tony get into what he’s doing now?
  • [7:19] Dealing with limiting beliefs is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome.
  • [8:54] Tony’s weekly podcast.
  • [10:20] The “9 steps” Tony has delineated to help people set goals.
  • [13:04] Why most people don’t achieve their New Year’s resolutions.
  • [16:17] Why setting timetables for your goals are vital.
  • [17:00] The importance of determining how you’re going to accomplish your goals.
  • [21:35] Important aspects of defining your “why.”
  • [24:52] The power of working on your dream, no matter what.
  • [27:21] Recapping the 9 steps to reaching your goals.
  • [30:01] The rapid fire game.
  • [32:25] Tony’s recommendation, a quote from Earnest Hemmingway.
  • [35:02] Why you should come back to this episode again and again.


“Never mistake motion for action.” ~ Earnest Hemmingway

THE RAPID FIRE GAME! – Category: Breakfast Foods

Aimee and her guest alternate saying things that fit in the chosen category. They must continue doing so, in rapid fashion, without repeating one, hesitating too long, or giving a wrong answer, until one of them can’t come up with another name. Who’s the winner?


The Goal Getting Podcast: http://GoalGettingPodcast.com

Tony’s book: “The 9 Steps To Successful Goal Achievement: The How To Guide For Goal Setting Success!


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