Ep. 175: Mathew Passy – The Unintentional Podtrepreneur

What’s the key to making your dream happen?  My guest today explains that the most important part is just to GET STARTED. Jump in and start failing today!

Mathew Passy is a podcast producer consultant at ThePodcastConsultant.com. He helps individuals, brands, and small businesses develop, launch, produce, promote, and monetize their podcasts. Mathew hosts the Causepods podcast.

“Why can’t I do this for a job?”

Are you in the same career in which you started? Mathew thought he would have an amazing career in radio, since he started way back in the early 2000’s. He launched his first podcast for the radio station, but podcasts back then weren’t like they are today. When he got laid off from his job, he decided to produce some podcasts, and thought, “Why can’t I do this for a job?” Even though he felt stuck for awhile, he stayed with it and worked hard to grind it out. 

TWEET: If it’s your dream, then it’s YOUR dream, because you know it better than the back of your hand. @mathewpassy #chasingdreams

Podcasting as a career

Entrepreneurship is always risky, and podcasting is not necessarily stable as a career. Mathew had a tough decision to make and it took him awhile to go all in. He wasn’t sure he wanted the rollercoaster ride, but just 1-½ years ago, he focused on podcasting solely. He’s been able to pivot and keep going, even though he’s had his share of panic moments. Ironically, he was able to work part-time as a social media and digital marketing expert for a non-profit—to earn money on the side and build up his podcasting skills.

TWEET: Entrepreneurship is always risky. @mathewpassy #chasingdreams

How you showcase your value

How do you know how to price your services? At first, Mathew was worried about how to price his skills, talents, and time. It turned out, though, that every time he raised his prices, he saw increased business, not less. He believes that people saw how little he was charging and thought he didn’t know what he was doing and wasn’t very good. Very few people said they wouldn’t use his services because they are too expensive. Valuing your services gives credibility to your reputation and lets people know you are serious about your business.

TWEET: Valuing your services gives credibility to your reputation. @mathewpassy #chasingdreams

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Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take–”If this is something you want to do, start today.”


  • [:45] Our common interest–podcasting
  • [3:45] What young Matt wanted to be
  • [6:21] Why he stayed with his radio job
  • [8:30] Staying with something to explore and try it out
  • [12:06] How podcasting has evolved as a medium
  • [15:30] Making the jump to make a living with podcasting
  • [18:20] A part-time job in social media and digital marketing
  • [21:55] One surprising thing
  • [25:30] Following a dream—regardless
  • [29:36] Don’t forget your people skills!
  • [30:35] There is room for everyone
  • [32:01] Being fearless and “intelligently cautious”
  • [33:40] ONE action for a dream chaser



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TWEET: Podcasting wasn’t even a “thing” when I started out, so it definitely wasn’t on my radar. @mathewpassey #chasingdreams

TWEET: Podcasting allows an unlimited source of content, unlike radio. @mathewpassey #chasingdreams

TWEET: I didn’t want to do on the rollercoaster ride and be dependent on myself. @mathewpassey #chasingdreams

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