Ep. 152: Joel Quass – ­You Never Know What Can Happen

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an inside track when it comes to your next job search? How would it be to have an expert in your corner when it comes to crafting your resume or navigating your next job interview? If this sounds like valuable information to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Today’s show is packed with expert advice about finding and scoring the awesome job of your dreams.

Joel Quass has 35 years in management and has a CEIP, CPRW, GCDF, and earned his first professional Human Resource credential in 2012. His business, Six Second Resumes, crafts targeted resumes and cover letters. Joel teaches interview skills and facilitates career development through his coaching programs. A guest on radio stations nationwide, Joel has authored two books and shares his knowledge on the hiring process on his Six-Second Jobs podcast. He’s been kind enough to come on the show and help us understand the mysterious world of resumes and cover letters. 

All it takes is six seconds

How many of us have made mistakes in our resumes and job interviews? (all hands should be raised) It truly is a mysterious world and one that few understand. A resume is a marketing tool that tells a company why they should hire you over everyone else. Joel says, “It’s NOT about you!” The employer wants to hire the person that is best for THEM and the one that meets THEIR needs. Your resume should show how you align with the company’s goals and needs. Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of your resume is how it is perceived by the person reading it. Studies show that it takes about six seconds for someone to scan the highlights of a resume and make a YES or NO decision. 

TWEET: “In high schools and colleges, there is not a lot of emphasis on teaching resume skills.” #chasingdreams

Common sense and a plan

What are two essentials you need in any job interview? You’ve got it—common sense and a plan! An interviewer is trying to find a person who is a good fit, and it goes beyond knowing you can do the work and extends to, “Can I work with you?” Badmouthing a former employer in an interview is a bad course of action. Exercise common sense, which is desperately needed and really can’t be taught. Joel teaches clients to have a plan because not all interviewers are experienced enough to ask the right questions. Joel’s clients are taught to ask the right questions and to take notes during the interview. His teaching also covers how to handle “red flags” on your resume to keep the interview moving forward. 

TWEET: “Every single word on your resume is designed to market you and have someone pick up the phone.” #chasingdreams

Standing out among hundreds

Don’t we all want our resume and our interview to stand out among all the others? The key to standing out is in the top third of the first page of your resume and putting all your valuable information where it will be seen immediately. You can’t bury important information on page two of your resume and expect it to be seen! Joel says your resume should “explode the job description,” showing exactly how you match up and exceed the job description details. He teaches you how to help the interviewer “see” you in the position. Part of his expertise is teaching his Six-Second Action Plan with 12 Ways to Land a Job. 

TWEET: “Common sense and the ability to get along with others are key factors that interviewers are looking for.” #chasingdreams

Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take–”It comes down to attitude. I look to learn something new every day. It’s natural to have butterflies in a job search. Get them to fly in formation, and away you go!”


  • [:00] A good first impression
  • [6:31] “It’s NOT about you!”
  • [8:25] It’s a window, not a mirror
  • [10:40] What interviewers look for
  • [13:55] A tactful way to handle bad experiences
  • [15:50] How to stand out among other applicants
  • [17:58] The truth about nepotism and how to avoid it
  • [19:19] Joel’s personal account of his career success
  • [25:58] The ideal attitude about a job search
  • [29:20] Handling a job search without desperation
  • [33:42] ONE action for a dream chaser


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TWEET: “Getting a job IS a job.” #chasingdreams

TWEET: “The more you’ve done your homework means the more you can show your value.” #chasingdreams

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