Ep. 134: How Can I Help You?

Hey Dream Chasers! This is not your typical episode. In fact this will be the shortest episode I have aired to date. I am in the midst of settling back into my home in Maryland. Yes, that’s right, I’ve come back to my original Birdland home. I loved and enjoyed my time in Philadelphia, but there is something exciting about new beginnings. So as a result, I do not have a new epsiode for you today as I am still getting things set up. In fact this episode is being recorded through my iPhone 7 via the “Voice Record” app not to be confused with the Voice Memo app.

So no guest interview this episode, but I will be back next week with the last woman honoree for Women’s History Month, my mom. At least I hope so….she’s so nervous about this. Haha. So you have that to look forward to. Today, I wanted to ask a favor of you.  When you have 5-10 minutes to spare, not while you’re driving, I could use your help. For 100+ episodes, I’ve been putting episodes out with amazing guests with amazing stories and advice. But I want to be sure that I’m serving you the best way I can. My team (shoutouts to Jeremy!) is doing some research and has put together a survey to get your honest feedback about not just the show, but what you are struggling with as you chase your dreams.

As RDJ in Sherlock Holmes said, “Data, data, data, I cannot make bricks without clay.”

You can find the survey at aimeej21.com/cdsurvey.

Please complete the survey and what would be above and beyond, would be if you could please also share the survey with your network. Survey links will be on my social media at both aimeej21 and chasingdreamshq accounts for easy sharing. Thank you so much for your honesty, your feedback, and for all of your support. Thank you for helping me help others to chase their dreams. And that’s it from me, see a short episode. I’ll be back next week to with our weekly interviews. 

Till next time guys

Keep Chasing,

Aimee J.

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